Sick Day


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Where you ever at work or school and had to go home sick?

I been working for my company for about a little over a year now and I had to call my manager and told him I wasn't feeling well. I was at a customers house and he said that I can take off my jacket. I told him that I was freezing and he was like I have the heat on. When I got done with the job, I called my manager that my body is really freezing and that I feel like throwing up and he told me to go home.

I came home and slept and bundled up but I am feeling alright.


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Back in primary school, I could never deal with the heat and the enviroment, I always got bad headaches, and I always was in the sickbay, if I was lucky enough, they called up home and told my dad to come and pick me up.


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I think in the whole 13 years I was at school I took 2 days off due to sickness.

Once when I was in Primary 3 (about 7years old) I didn't feel well, so the teacher had to phone for my Dad to get me, I went home and lay on the couch with a duvet on me. The next day I was fine and went to school.
I used to get nose bleeds in primary school till one was so bad I spent nearly the whole morning in sick bay. My father's colleague had to take me home.


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I've been sent home from work a couple of times but never school. I had a really bad cold at work once and was sneezing every five minutes so they forced me to go home.

I never had a single day off sick when I was in school. I've got awards to prove it! :)


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I barely had sick days in school, it didn't matter if I was really cold, it's just that my parents didn't like me missing school.

When it comes to work, it's very rare that I had sick days, but sometimes I did pretend to be sick because I didn't want to be there. But I've been sent home a few times because I could barely stand.


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aw damn in like 7 years of working at this office I've never had a sick day. I've left work a little early if I have a pounding headache and I've got nothing else going for that day. But I've never just up and said "nope, not coming in today I'm feeling ill".

Even in school I was the kind of kid that maybe missed a full week from kindergarten to my senior year...

Mostly I just never get sick. I shake colds within a few hours, I havent had a temperature in I dont know how long. No allergies, coughing, sinus infections, nothing! The only sickness that ever seems to get ahold of me is strep throat. And I usually even shake strep throat in about a week without missing any school or work.


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At work, I only take sick days if I am really sick. When I first started the job i'm at now, I had to delay my first day for a week because I was so sick I was too weak to stand up. Since then I've only taken the odd day here and there, mainly for migraines.

When I was at school was a completely different story. I rarely took sick days but I pulled alot of sickies, especially the days I had classes that I found pointless or didn't enjoy.


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At work, I went home once. Well, went to the hospital. I had given blood that day and passed out later on. It wasn't pretty.

At school. Pfft. I used to go home a lot, and stay home a lot. My parents have become more strict about it now. I rarely stay home. Even if I'm sick, I have to go to school to tough it out.


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There was this one time where my head was burning and I wanted to go to school cause I felt fine. My guardian said that I should stay home and I still on insisting on going to school. Well, I ended up staying home and I went to the doctor and he said I had bronchitis so I had to stay home for a few days.