Sick 5 Year old Boy


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I have seen this auction before. Same little boy, same story. I just had this over whelming feeling that this IS a true story. No I dont know that for sure, its just the feeling I have. I bought one of these, I challenge all of you who can afford to buy one to buy one also!!

Though I am trying to save money for my own problems, I just could not pass up spending 4 bucks for a sick kid!!


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That is truely a very sad story. I'm going back to ebay now to buy a few myself, just to help out. (weather it's true or not)! It's just too sad.


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I think its true........sometimes you can just tell..........or maybe i'm just crazy!! I know how it is to have people doubt your story when you know its real is sad!!

Your a great person for going back to buy some!! :)