How many siblings do you have?

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How many siblings do you have?

Do/did you get along?
Would you want as many kids as your parents had?

Personally my sister and I never grew up together. Mainly because we lived separately. We have the same mom, different dads. Since my parents split up, my sister went with my mom, I went with my dad.

We can fight at times, but since we have gotten older we get along better.
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I have two older sisters and I get along pretty well with the oldest one, while I am still getting used to the current mood swings of the second oldest one, not to mention that she's the biggest pain in the ass. My parents have three kids, including myself, but I would aim for two kids.


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I have one older brother.

We have always gotten on with each other. We have out fights like usual siblings but it was nothing major, probably about who gets so sit in the front seat of the car or something stupid like that.

I think having two kids is alright, I don't think I would want to have anymore than that.


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I have one brother and he's a twin, I'm one minute older then he is.

I get along with my brother, we have the same friends and we have a lot of the same interests. We had a couple of fights here and there, but we don't stay mad at eachother.

I would like to have two kids when I married.


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I have two sisters, one older and one younger. I get along with both of them, although my younger sister and I used to fight a lot. I'm definitely closer with my older sister. I don't really have anything in common with either of them though. They hang out together a lot.

No, I wouldn't want to have three kids. One or two is perfect.


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I have two brothers. One is 11 years older than me and the other is 18 months older. I get along with both of them but in different ways as the age gap is quite big. I have three kids now, two boys and a girl. But they have an extended family of siblins as I am split from there dad. on my side they have two step sisters and on my exs side they have one step brother and a half brother.
My kids are only young but when they all get together they mainly get on well.


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How many siblings do you have?

4 sisters
2 brothers

Entire blended family: 2 stepsisters, 1 full bio sister, 1 half sis, 2 half bros

Do/did you get along?
Yes. We love each other even if we rarely see each other now. I'm visiting my older sister in the US this year! Woot!

Would you want as many kids as your parents had?
My parents just had two. Me and my sister. I already have 3 now, which is more like 4 including my stepdaughter. This number is fine.
I have one brother, and we get along well :nod: He's just one year older than me and we never used to fight growing up. My parents always said they were very thankful for that haha. Now we're older and he's at uni we still talk quite a lot.
My dad didn't have any siblings, my mum had 2 sisters. My grandma had/has about 7 sisters and 1 brother haha. I would hate that.
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I have 3 older brothers, a younger sister and a younger brother...but none of them are full brothers/sisters. 2 are half brothers, 1 step brother and a foster sister and brother. I get along with my oldest brother and youngest brother the best, and my sister, but the other 2 brothers I rarely speak to, and when I do it's strained.

No way in hell would I want 5 kids, well 6 including me.


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I have two older brother's,one older sister and one younger sister who lives in my heart.

I get along with my eldest brother,as long as we are not stuck together for any length of time,my other brother I can be around all day as we share the same sense of humour and get along well.
My elder sister I have not seen for a long long time,she lives in Mexico and it's just way to much to go see her,I think we would still get along but I cant be sure.

I have three kids and that is plenty for me,how my mum ever managed to raise 5 of us I will never know.