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Shrek 2


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Yeah, that trailer has been out for a while actually. I've seen it twice in theaters.


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If the story is good it will. The first one had a delicate balance of humor, love, action, and drama. It incorporated all those things well.


Well look at you, Mr. I'm-a-fancy-critic-who-can-critique!

At any rate, not sure about this whole "honeymoon-meetin'-the-parents" thing, but meh. It looks like it could be good.

/me crosses his fingers and knocks on wood.


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"Ooh. Homer. Mr. Fancy french-man, saying garage."

"What do you call it, Moe?"

"It's a car-hole."


I loved Shrek, but I agree about this potentially being a formula for disaster. Fortunately, they have the original voice cast back and the same good animation. I just worry about the story. I mean, the story initially came from a children's book and there wasn't ever a second one written.


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I really really REALLY hope this is as good as the last one.....It'd be a shame to see a movie such as Shrek go down the tubes...Soooo very sad. But the trailor did look good.


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According to sources, the movie will have Shrek meeting the in-laws as well as including a side-story with Donkey. Puss-in-Boots makes an appearance, voiced by Antonio Banderas, and is supposed to try to become Shrek's new sidekick. Also, John Cleese is voicing Fiona's father, so that is a definate plus.


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I always worry about a second movie, specialy when the first one was so good. Not many second movies out do the first. There are some, but not many. I will at least go and see it, but I don't know if it willl out do the first.
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