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SOI-EN025 Treeborn Frog
Effect: If this card is in your Graveyard during your Standby Phase and there are no Spell or Trap Cards on your side of the field, you can Special Summon this card to your side of the field. This effect cannot be activated if there is a face-up "Treeborn Frog" on your side of the field.
Rare/Ultimate Rare

so its funny how the cards in SOI that were pushed were the new "God" cards but oddly enough, this RARE is one if not the hottest card on the market from SOI. now this card has many uses in this metagame. first off, most duelists are not setting that many s/t's on the field unless they are absolutely sure theyre gonna use them. so if the frog gets trashed from the field, hes commin back. i thought up of a quick way to get him on the field... activate KARMA CUT, discard TREEBORN FROG from hand, next turn *POOF* TREEBORN FROG has hit the field. this card has also been put into SC decks for the quick Monarch sacs. i definetly see this now as a new SINISTER SERPENT. this card will most likely see restriction (to 1) come this April considering its already restricted to 1 in the JPN meta. so thats my opinion on the hottest $10 rare, lol, TREEBORN FROG. What are your thoughts?



i agree with everythign you've said ... peopel are debating which is better tho, frog or sinister .. sinister is better in everyway except that it wont go to the feild, which still sucks lol cuz thats a biggy


Registered Member
A 4/5 is way to low for the frog. That thing is just ridiculous. With only 1 frog in my deck I can easily play 1 copy of each monarch with out playing any Cyber Dragons (yes I have cyber dragons so don't think I don't). Man the frog is god like. Just think about it. It gives a plus one every turn and if use for a sacravice for a monarch there goes another plus, and if that monarch happens to be mobious you can get +4 in one turn just because of the frog. I swear that thing is broken. They should have named it broken frog. Oh and on a side note if yo play it in traditional it gets even better. Imagine discarding sinister and treeborn from gracefull just to get them both back your next turn. Thats an auto matic plus 2. With the complet trinity that gives you a plus 4. Potentially more just because the abuse of sinister and frog. That things is broken. It gets the rating of broken/5


lavoidgaskins said:
With only 1 frog in my deck I can easily play 1 copy of each monarch with out playing any Cyber Dragons (yes I have cyber dragons so don't think I don't).
why wouldn't we think you have cyber dragons?


i have to agree semi Sinister is good but treeborn is i think is equal to sinsiter and so what it doesn't go to your hand if you got a monarch in your hand you rather have treeborn on the feild to sack and not just that People will D.DWL it so you don't have to worry about powerhouses and such getting removed.,^^