TV Shows You Wish Were Still Around

Discussion in 'Movies & TV' started by Anonym0uz Bitch, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. This is a thread dedicated to all the shows you wish were still on the air.

    My picks would have to be Firefly, and Futurama. In my opinion Futurama was a lot better then the Simpsons, the Simpsons are getting way to old, and yet have never aged which is annoying. Futurama was a lot like Family Guy, Bender and the Professor were hilarious.

  2. simpson are running out of ideas ... and although they're not new episodes, futurama is still on, i watch it every night ... i'd say its even with simpsons, theres good things about both, but yes, futurama was, and still is, definently a great show .... the shows i miss are some animes i loved as a kid, re-runs or not i miss dbz and db, outlaw star, tenchi, and zoids ... but i shouldnt complain too much about those, i prefer sub over dub anyday, so i should just download them lol
  3. DBZ is still shown on Cartroon network, and yeh Futurama is on Adult Swim, but no new episodes. Firefly is still shown on Sci-Fi, but obviously no new episodes.
  4. yeah thats true ... dbz did decide to come back a cupel weeks ago, then i guess im sayign i miss the days where u come home and enjoy a couple hours of dbz lol
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    I wish MTV still aired "Fear". That show was awesome. Throw a bunch of over-panicky and under-intelligent teens into random haunted places. It was comedy gold.
  6. That Scare Tactics show was good, though I do not know if its still on the air.
  7. Merc

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    It is, it's just got one of the untalented Baldwin brothers hosting it. So it's not entirely worth it. The first season was best.
  8. There is way to many of those damn baldwin brothers.
  9. Merc

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    I think they biuld them in a factory somewhere in Illinois.

    Another show to add to the list would have to be Doug. I loved that show growing up. Then Disney raped it.
  10. Lmao, I remember Doug, and when he went to 7th grade, it was soooo stupid then. That reminds me of Rocko's Modern Life.

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