Shows "on Ice"


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I remember in the 90's Disney put together a huge "Disney on Ice" campaign which probably spurred tons of revenue for them. To be honest I thought the shows on ice had become a thing of the past. However, there still are shows being acted out on a sheet of ice!

Question here is have you ever been to one? If so, which one? DId you like it?

Im going to one in about an hour.... I'll report back tomorrow on wether ot not it was any good


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Never been to one personally. I've seen them on TV though. It's definitely impressive stuff.

Hopefully you'll take some pics while you are there.

What one are you going to?


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I saw two Disney On Ice shows. They were really nice and very creative. I saw them with the girl scouts so it was a few years ago.


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We have Holiday on Ice shows here. When I was young I watched a Disney themed show but I forgot what they did (that long ago haha). Now the ice shows I watch are mostly by figure skaters. I love watching figure skating. They do a lot of gala shows. Although comic shows still exist, with mascots and stuff. I just am less interested in those now.


Son of Liberty
Never been to one personally. I've seen them on TV though. It's definitely impressive stuff.

Hopefully you'll take some pics while you are there.

What one are you going to?
I was going to take some pics but then last second I had some trouble with my SD Cards and I just got pissed off, finally just saying F-it. I'm glad I didnt take my camera bag though.. the sea of kids that were at that show made me uncomfortable as it was, lol I couldnt imagine how my skin would be crawling if I'd been carrying a grand of camera equipment and having those sticky cotton candy / snowcone covered fingers near my stuff :hah:

I went to High School Musical: The ice Tour. It was pretty much supposed to be High School Musical 1 & 2 combined. Started at 7:30 and we were out of there at 10. It wasnt near as bad as I thought it'd be, the first 15 minutes sucked.... they had a big projector screen that played the Bonus Features from High School Musical 3... which was absolutely dumb considering I dont even watch Bonus Features like that at home!

All in all, after getting over the dorkyness of the whole situation it wasnt all that bad. All Boiled down the show consisted primarily of Figure Skating and nothing more. Here I thought the skaters would actually be talking and acting, but in reality the music and the vocals were all dubbed over top of the show. The Skaters would overexaggert movements to make it look as though they were doing the talking, but anyone over 15 probably had a good enough idea that it was just lip syncing.

There were only 2 spills that I noticed, the lead actor/skater wiffed on a jump & spin thing during his big solo routine, he recovered it and carried on but it wasnt hidden so well. The other spill was a backup dancer/skater who played her spill off almost perfectly. Had it not been for her laughing hysterically and hugging a few other characters directly after I probably wouldnt have even noticed.

Having never gone to one before (as an adult.....) I'd say its obvious there was a reason they served beer there. But you needed to take out a mortgage on your house to pay for most of the Vender items... 10 Dollars for Cotton Candy, 5 doollars for a candied apple, 3 Dollars for a standard 12 ounce bottled water, I didnt even look at the Alcohol prices. Money aside, I'd go to another one if one of our other nieces or nephews asked.


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I've never been to one but I'd certainly like to go to one. Not Highschool Musical like SOMEONE I know though.
I think it'd be cool to see a classic Disney film on ice. Something like Beauty & The Beast.


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I went to Beauty and the Beast on Ice with my family like 15 years ago. I guess they're pretty entertaining for kids. I can't say I'm a big fan of figure skating though.


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I have seen at least 10 Disney On Ice shows, I loved them! I would get slushies that would coemin special Disney cups, like one time I saw Beauty and the Beast on ice and I got Chip, the cup.... and he is so cute.