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When things look impossible and aren't going your way, do you show a fighting nerve and strong spirit or do you bail out and give up when you know you're not going to succeed.

With me it all depends what's going on. At sport I'll always keep fighting until It's over but with other things like work problems and problems with girls and family I'm sometimes lazy and will give up when there's a possibility that I could turn things around.

Sometimes I'm just too lazy to show a fighting spirit and opt for an early exit.
Like you said, it totally depends on what it is. If it's something short-term like a sports game then I'll stick it out and keep trying my hardest even if I'm doooomed. I think it makes you more of a sore loser if you just give up once you know you're a goner, as I'm usually not in it for the win anyways (I'm the least competitive person ever in most things).

If it was something more long-term, then I'd probably get lazy and loose the fighting spirit. But it still depends on the details.


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Depends what it actually is, in sports I fight till the end, I don't give up on my team, even though the team gives up I try my hard to keep the team motivated.

When it comes to family troubles, I put up a good fight, if it doesn't go my way I bail out, I am not really lazy with the girls because if I want that girl I don't give up until I get her.


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Stubborness is a hereditary trait of my no i dont give up...if i want something or want to do something ill keep at it until its done.


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I always show fighting spirits, especially when I am play sports. I hate losing, it's one of my biggest pet peeves, so everytime I play a sport and I am losing, I'll try to play even harder to come back and win. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
If I know a situation has a solution then I press on till things come together. Except trying to argue with my mother is rather pointless.


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Yeah for me it really depends. If it's something I really believe in and want to achieve and is really important to me, like a tkd grading or something I'll give it all and show fighting spirit.

But if it's something I don't really care about, I'll give up very easily.


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I keep fighting until the very end for almost everything. Sometimes I don't give up even when I maybe should. I am known for being very stubborn, but I feel it pays off.

The best example I can think of is when I was taking calculus in college. My professor was a mathematical genius, but because it all came so easily to him, he had no idea how to break it down for his students. He actually blamed all of us for not studying enough when the majority of the class continued to fail test after test, but we were all studying our asses off.

People kept dropping out of the class until a class of 30 eventually became a class of 5. I stuck with it, even though my grade was a solid F at that point, and mathematically speaking there was no way for me to obtain a passing percentage even if I got 100% on every test from then until the end of the semester. I took the final and failed it of course, and went home feeling pretty horrible as it was the first time in my life I had ever failed a class.

The story doesn't end there though. Guess what happened when the grades were posted!!! He decided to grade the few remaining survivors on a curve, and I ended up not only passing the class, but passing with a B/C!!! It made me laugh to realize that my F was a higher F than average for the class :lol: I was so glad that I had stuck with it through the end, even when there was no hope in sight. All of those people who dropped the course or just stopped coming altogether would have to take the class over again the next semester and would always have that dropped class blemish on their record. HA!


Oh, I should add that I've always felt that the only way to truly fail is to stop trying and give up.
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I usually give up. No point wasting my time on an inevitable loss. There is this mentality (especially in America) that if you never give up you can achieve anything. Perhaps this is true to an extent. Knowing when to accept defeat is a far greater trait than persevering until the end. That is not saying you shouldn't try but when you know your limits you are a wise individual.