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Well-Known Member
So to all my fitness buffs on the forums, and just those who are going about their day, how often do you shower? I've known some that do it more than once a day, once every other day, and some who even shower when they just feel like it (i.e: being lazy and forgetting, but doing it later on in the week). For the fitness buffs, do you shower at home or at the gym when finished a nice work out?

for myself, I'd like to take one at least once a day, but there have been times where I would just wait until the next day to shower if I've had a long day and feel too tired to jump into the bathroom. I know after a work out, I take a shower at the gym, but again, when I just wanna go to my own home and shower there I will wait and just do it later.



Registered Member
Well, I'm not a "gym person". But I like to have at least one shower a day. It's hot and humid in my area right now, and I feel sticky. Hopping in the shower cools me off, makes me feel clean and refreshed, so sometimes, I shower of the morning and of the night :)


Sally Twit
I always shower once a day in the morning. I feel refreshed after a hot shower. And it wakes me up.


I shower twice a day. Once in the morning before going to work, once in the evening before going to bed.


Registered Member
I shower or "rinse" off nearly everday. I would only skip if it's because I didn't have a work out. Scheduling a work out usually involves deciding if/when I need a shower which involves if I'm going somewhere or how gross I feel.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Once a day. I do it in the mornings to help wake me the hell up.

I used to shower in the evenings but that doesn't do me much good anymore. All that would do is keep me awake haha


Registered Member
I shower 2x a day. In the morning and after my workout in the evenings. If I don't workout I shower before bed.

I have taken 3 showers on some days. This is due to an early workout. I need the shower in the morning to wake up.


Creeping On You
I'm really lazy about my showers. When I was in school, I showered everyday. Same when I worked at tim hortons. HOwever, now though, I sometimes go a day or two without, since i'm just sitting around at home. Although with it being so warm, i still shower daily, to rinse off all the sweat.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I shower once a day, and every once in a while I will skip a day if I'm staying in the house and not planning.

To be honest, at this point I'll do some mornings, some evenings, some days. Once I get a job, I'm guessing I'll do evenings for the time being...I'd love to wake myself up with a shower in the morning, but I'm just so tired in the a.m. that making it work, along with shaving my head, is just usually not happening.
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