Shower Rituals

So most people I know have a sort of shower ritual they go through... a specific order they do things in the shower, that they go through every time, and that if not followed is uncomfortable.

Do you have one? What is it?

Turn on shower
Strip down and wait for water to heat up
Get in shower and let water run on face for a little while
Brush/comb hair
Shampoo and rinse out hair
Brush/comb hair again
Soap and rinse off
Turn off shower and get out
Dry off face, torso, arms, legs, hair in that order


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1. Turn on shower
2. Take off cloths
3. Get wet
4. Wash body
5. Shampoo and use conditioner on my hair
6. Dry off
7. Comb hair
1.) Turn on shower and let it heat up.
2.) Undress
3.) Get in
4.) Enjoy warmth for a bit (varies depending on how tired I am)
5.) Soap up: Arms, chest, back, legs (in that order)
6.) Rinse
7.) Wet hair and apply shampoo
8.) Rinse hair
9.) Turn off water
10.) Grab towell and dry off arms and upper body
11.) Step out of shower
12.) Dry legs
13.) Get dressed.


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Get in shower

Was Face Pits and Crotch with bar soap (in that order)
Wet Hair-Wash hair
Was body with body wash
Wash face with neutrogena


Undead Intellectual
Turn on shower
Take clothes off
Touch myself
Get in said shower
Get wet
Get soapy
Get clean
Get out
Shut shower off
Touch self again
Go get a soda
Watch a movie
Go to bed


Turn on shower
Get teh nekid!
Get in shower
Get wet
Shampoo hair
Rinse out shampoo
Conditioner-ize hair
Soap da body
Shower gel da body
Rinse conditioner out of hair
Shave ass-pubes
Get out of shower

All of this to the tunage of Fleetwood Mac.

Yeah, that's how I roll..


Film Elitist
Turn on water
Get towel
Get in
Wash body
Wash face
Wash hair
Relax and daydream(If there's time)
Get out
Get dressed
Brush teeth