Show off!

I was going through my digital photos (hoping Night could fix my avatar tonight) when I came across this picture of a painting I did a couple of years ago. Since the art thread is closed, I tought it would be fun to start a new one, especially since we have so many new members!
You all know I LOVE sculpting but I do love to paint as well!

Okay guys, time to show off! Hey Lana lets see some of those purses here please! (Got my Halloween one started)??? :)


TY! Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a better looking avatar. I go from being scary to you guys went from cute's not in the cute category anymore! LOL I like seeing my "babies" there, so I'll stay cute a little longer!


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Come on Denise! Just one more wall murall? Maybe two? Wanna visit WI for a little bit? :D


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wow wolver you do a great job... and love the scrapbooks, and the painting is really nice......... great job all........ I have some but i am bummed out today... i woke up late and didnt' get to go to my friends funneral I feel so bad. I felt sick.....i even forgot my meds............nani