Show 1 : SAPW


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Sad but True by Metallica erupts from the PA System, fireworks explode as Lillian Garcia heads over to the ring.

"Welcome to Friday Night Wrestling, It's Double J here with you, and please welcome my broadcast partner tonight, Dean Malenko"

"Thank you Double J, it's going to be unbelieveable here tonight, the Marakana Stadium is full, there's going to be non stop wrestling here tonight, sit down, and enjoy the damn show!"

As Dean finishes his sentence, explosion comes from the entrace, it's the GM, Alex. He walks to the ring, grabs the mike and utters some words out.

"Tonight, I am glad to annouce the opening of the show, look at you people, welcome!"

The fans cheer and jeer at Alex, who stands there proud.

"So, what I have planned tonight is the title matches, every title tonight, is going to go. Here are the match ups:

SAPW World Championship:

John Cena vs Batista

"Say JJ, what do you think about this?"

"Well, no suprise there, these two outstanding wrestlers were bound to have a match, I recon this will be a great match, hands down"

SAPW International Championship

Kane vs Rey Mysterio

As Alex uttered Rey Mysterio's name, the fans were shocked, Monster againt the Smallest wrestler? This is cruelty. This isn't entertainment.

"Hold on pal, this can't be right, Moster vs Smallest Wrestler, this isn't going to be fun to watch, Rey is gonna get slaughtered" said Dean.

SAPW Tag Team Championship

The Hardyz vs JBL & Ric Flair.

"This is going to be great, JBL and Flair are both expierenced wrestlers, I can't wait" says JJ.

As Alex was talking about the show, blah blah blah, this and that, suddenly, explosion from the entrace, red lights, fireworks!

"Kane has just came in, the big man is heading towards the ring, Alex is looking shocked, he quickly gets out the ring, Kane is up on the ring now"

Kane talks how he doesn't feel like wrestling Rey Mysterio, his height, his movements.

"What load of crap is this? I am the mons-" says Kane, before he could finish off his sentence, Rey Mysterio is running towards the ring, his music plays as he makes his appearance.

"Rey looks pumped up tonight, ready to battle the monster, and get demolished" chuckled Dean.

Rey is standing out of the ring, and says "I don't care if you are a monster, I don't need your pity because of my height, it doesn't stop me of wrestling does it? At least I manage to attract ladies in one day than what you can attract in your life time"

Kane is shocked, he calls Mysterio to the ring, Rey obiliges and gets on the ring, Kane runs up and clothlines him, and laughs. Rey is knocked down on the ground, he gets up, gets back to the ring, Kane is leaning on the ropes, chatting up some ladies, Rey runs up!! ITS THE 619!! Kane is knocked down on the ground. Kane quickly gets up, pushes Rey to the corner of the ring and starts slapping him on the chest, lifts his up and puts him on the ropes, climbs up and starts punching him, Rey is exhausted, he cannot continue, he drops from the ropes, unconcious on the ground, but he quickly regains his stamina and gets up before the countout. Kane is waiting, to unleash his chokeslam, Rey walks to Kane, Kane helds him in the chokeslam position..

Batista is running to the ring!! He gets on the ring and spears Kane, Kane is looking not good now, he gets up, trying to get himself up on the ropes, Rey gets up as well, runs up and BANG!! 619. Knocks Kane cold on the ground. Rey Mysterio slowly drags himself on the big man and 1...2...3, PINNED!!

"What a great perfomance by Rey, but of course, he didn't do anything, he should thank Batista" said JJ.

The referee gives Rey his title, he celebrates with Batista as the show goes off air.

*Batista vs John Cena Match Promo*

"Welcome back to ASPW, tonight has been good so far, we need this match to be perfect" said JJ while taking a bite of Mars Rock.

Lillian Garcia annouces the match, and the fireworks, explosion erupts in the ring, Batista has entered the scene, Batista walks to the ring, and gets a ovation from the crowd. He poses in the ring and walks to his corner, and here comes John Cena, the fans boo him and he is saying "I am not paying attention" as he walks to the ring, Batista laughs at John Cena and utters some words that made John Cena cheap shot him. Batista runs up and spears John Cena making him fall over the ropes, John Cena is on the ground, and he gets up, wobbles to the ring, and headlocks Batista, and he quickly gets out of headlock, slaps Cena across the chest couple of times, making him go in the corner of the ring, grabs his hand and swirls him to the other end, as Cena is running towards Batista, Batista hits him in the groin, lifts him up and does Batista Bomb!!! Oh, yes, he performed it well, and Batista wins the World Championship.

Batista celebrates with his fans, poses for them for a while, then he walks out the ring, smile on his face.


*The Match Preview of Hardyz vs Ric Flair & JBL*

It has been annouced that JBL has withdrew from the match due to sickness, The Hardyz win the Tag Team.


Certified Shitlord
Constantine's Review of: SAPW Friday Night

Rating: 4/10

I wasn't very impressed Alex. Not only was the dialogue dry, incorrectly constructed at times, and uninteresting, but I felt no care for the matches at all. You need to learn to build tension, to get the audience's (or reader's in this case!) attention through not just huge blockbuster matchups and petty interference, but through plot and dialogue.

This isn't even entertaining, the show ended on a poor note (most likely a slack-off because you didn't feel like typing it), and it needs more than the predictable matchups you threw us.

I hope to see better things next time.