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Should you 'friend' your boss on Facebook?


I think it depends on the relationship you have with your boss but I think it's kind of weird. I can't imagine my boss looking at my photos on FB and my stupid statuses. lol.

..Or even the kar comments the friends leave me there .


rainbow 11!
no! no! NO! I am friends with a team lead and while she is awesome, I KNOW she will report anyone if she sees questionable stuff on there. Like calling out of work and then updating about an awesome party, the bitch. So I have to be super careful now.


aka ginger warlock
I do have my boss on FB and have had it for some years (he was a boss I had had in a previous job) and to be honest I am not all that worried. We have more a friendship relationship than a boss one, there is no real hierarchy which is nice. That being said I am careful about what I put on and would not even go near facebook if I was claiming I was sick and was not.


Embrace the Suck
I don't have Facebook but I would say this is not a professional thing to do, especially from the boss's standpoint. By having a subordinate as a "friend" on Facebook there is an appearance of favoritism that could be used against the boss should there be any litigation of a discriminatory practice in the future. Those in management should be cognizant of this and should avoid being friends with anyone they supervise.


still nobody's bitch
I keep my FACEbook page pretty clean because I have family members and friends of my mom's on there, but I still doubt that I would ever friend a boss; probably not even a teacher. I don't think it's appropriate.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
There's no way I would add my director on my Facebook, I keep my security settings really strict since I don't want them to view my pictures or my status updates. Not that I have anything extreme on there or anything, but I do have a few drunken pictures.


Registered Member
I do have my boss on Facebook, as we're very good friends outside work and I work for a very relaxed company. Generally, it's fine, and we use it a lot to communicate so also very convenient. I have nothing to hide, so I've no need to worry about my boss seeing anything.
That said, there have been one or two occasions where I've posted about how I've had a stressful day, and my manager has said 'I don't appreciate you complaining on Facebook'. That was frustrating, because I feel I should have a right to talk about my stressful day on the internet, but it's a balance you have to strike.


AKA Ass-Bandit
On Facebook, no. There are some things you don't want your boss seeing.

On the other hand, adding your boss as a "connection" on LinkedIn is perfectly fine.


Depends on what kind of person your boss is? I had a boss back when I was working as a Kitchen Hand who was as immature as I was, so it wouldn't have mattered. My Boss now? No way.