should you be able to get fired over a facebook comment

Discussion in 'Jobs' started by tradtke, Sep 19, 2010.

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    Ever since facebook gained so much popularity and people started posted so much of their life on it some people might have gone to far by posting remarks that borderline slander about their bosses, coworkers and companies they work for. As long as the information is not privileged only to employees at that company, should these remarks be able to be used as grounds for suspension or termination? Its a question asked by many.
    If it is intentional slander against a person or company than i would say yes. Before facebook if you made unwanted sexual or racial comments toward someone that was grounds for immediate termination. I think its the same thing as if you made sexual or racial comments about someone and spread it around the Internet. Its a new age with Internet socializing and we need to adjust to what modern socializing is now, from what it was in the past. certainly if you call in sick and the next day your boss finds pictures of you partying hard while your sick in bed than that is someone that needs to be answered for just as if you called in sick and that night your boss walked into the same bar you were in. The only difference is how technology and modern age has changed how we socialize

    Can what you post on your facebook page be used as a hiring decision? Using a facebook page to determine to hire someone or not is almost asking the question "what's the meaning of life" its impossible to prove if what you put on your page was a deciding factor. Is it done, sure, should it be done, maybe, after all a facebook page is designed to show the world the person you are and if a company wants a certain type of person, and your not that type of person than why should you get the job.

    My best solution is simple, don't put anything on your facebook page, postings or pictures that will form an opinion about you. And don't say anything about someone that you don't care if everyone knows about. Don't say anything that you were not prepared to answer for. Never share your opinion and certainly avoid slander at every cost.

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    People have already been fired based on those. Facebook is public. One can be careful and check the privacy settings so that only the people you intend to show your posts/pics can see them. However, I've seen flaws of the privacy system and leaks can happen. Better not post anything at all that can compromise your relationships, personal or professional.
  3. pro2A

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    This is exactly why I don't post work issues on Facebook.
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    People at my job have been written up for comments over Facebook because they think it's okay to post their personal problems with another co-worker. It's even worse when you post these comments, and you have supervisors from work as your friends on Facebook so it's open for them to see.
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    I'm with Pro on this one. First of all, I don't have any of my bosses on FB. That is just asking for trouble. And even if I did, I wouldn't be dumb enough to go post on a Monday morning how hungover I am from a hectic party when I know I called in sick and I know my boss can see FB.

    Tbh though, I hate FB. I've been saying for more than a year now that I want to cancel my account. It does come in handy with certain things though, but I find it ridiculous to see how people fight in public and the comments some people make.

    I agree that the era we find ourselves in is one which demands a new type of socializing. I just think people should be careful about how they go about it.
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    IAWTP!!! Some things are just better off left un-posted. lol

    This is exactly how people will get themselves not only canned from their job, but probably into a more harder situation after leaving the job site, ya know what I mean?

    I say, if they're sharing the inside workings of their organization over any medium - especially where people can view those sort of posts easily - can their asses. Who's to say that your direct competitors aren't out there waiting for the moment to get the upper hand?
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    Yes, it can happen. Just the same as on GF. Go ahead and google "smilinsilhouette" and see what happens! Anything you post on the Internet is public and is the same, even MORE public, as if you took out an ad in the NY Times and made your opinion known.
  8. Bananas

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    I guess that is the beauty of it. Those who are to stupid to take heed to this advice get filtered out the system because they post a dumbass comment about their co-workers, employers past present or potential. It is like the person who has one to many drinks at the office xmas party, it is all down to how you present yourself, unfortunately that is generally a full time job in itself.

    I did not realise you used "smilinsilhouette" in any official capacity, do you have a name badge! :lol: Im also surprised to learn you are a 21 year old female who is an artist in the entertainment industry.:-o

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    :lol: what, you didn't know that I <3 faded rainbows and spinning around in circles until I can't see straight! :spin:
    SmilinSilhouette is my real name and I have siblings named Sneezy, Bashful, and Grumpy! Hahaha

    My point is, and I'm sure you agree, there is nothing private about what you post on the Internet.
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    I always laugh at this shit because I hear people I know crying about how Facebook is something their bosses shouldn't be reading....except for the fact that they FRIENDED their bosses. These same people get all worked up and angry when their own dipshit mistakes are at fault, not Facebook. It's easy, either lock down your privacy on Facebook or don't post incriminating shit.

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