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Should We Remove American Bases and Military Support in Virtually All Countries Acros


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I'm somewhat surprised to see these ideas get time in the corporate media, but they hit the nail on the head. I've always advocated a similiar approach, but especially with this economy, there's no reason to waste so much money with the military-industrial-congressional complex (the original term that was censored from Ike's speech).


not a plastic bag
(the original term that was censored from Ike's speech).
Really? I've never heard that. I like it better and think it appropriate. Ike was an amazing guy. The anti-war general.
The proposal is for a measured 10 year withdraw. I think that's plenty fair and reasonable enough.

Along the same lines, this is in reference to the war spending. I get an investment newsletter from Uncommon Wisdom. Generally all of their advice is stock related, but the one that came in today was 5 Fixes America Needs Right Now. Fix #1 is below and the others are located on their site here: 5 Fixes America Needs Right Now | Uncommon Wisdom Daily Interesting Read.

#1) Save $12.2 Billion a Month. And by that, I mean call our troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq — immediately. This is nothing against our troops, who have done a great job in wars they didn't pick to fight. But both wars, together, cost us $12.2 billion a month over and above our normal military budget. And that doesn't include the countless loss in blood and broken bodies that you really can't put a price on (how much would I have to pay you to blow your legs off?).

It's funny to me (not ha-ha funny) that all the people in Washington calling for austerity don't seem to notice this extra $12.2 billion a month we spend on wars we can't justify that are waged for the benefit of people who hate us. A big chunk of the money is looted by corrupt governments in Kabul and Baghdad, and then there's the run-of-the-mill looting done by defense contractors.

Here's a few facts you may not know about the wars ...

We have spent more than $700 billion in Iraq alone since the war began; it will easily cost American taxpayers $1 trillion before we leave there.

The Pentagon budget for 2010 is $693 billion — more than all other discretionary spending programs combined. America spends 44% of the entire world's military budget. Surely, some other countries can pick up the spending for their own defense.

Billions of dollars in aid to Afghanistan have been tracked to Dubai, where well-connected Afghans buy luxury villas built along the beaches of the Palm Jumeirah — a man-made island shaped like a giant palm tree — and live it up on your tax dollars. The Afghans looting it up in Dubai include a brother and a cousin of Afghan President Hamid Karzai. So, you can see that Afghanistan is rotten to the very top. I don't want to spend another damned dime there!
President Obama was elected on a promise to end the wars. Instead, he's expanded them, apparently after listening to bad advice from the brass hats. If it was me, I'd tell the generals to make plans to get the boys home in two months. That might send the right message.

So, $12.2 billion a month adds up to $146.4 billion a year saved.

Tens of thousands of Afghan civilians and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians died because we went to those countries; they can't do worse if we leave. Sooner or later, both Iraq and Afghanistan have to work out their own problems. And let's say the bad guys take over Iraq. Then they'll be just like Iran, a country with bedbug-crazy leaders who will still sell oil to anybody ... including us.
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