Should School Buses have seat belts?


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Alright I'm sure that we all know that seat belts save lives and that school buses don't have seat belts.

I think that school buses should have seat belts I mean all schools are trying to protect their kids so why not start with something that they use every day?

Sure buses would cost a lot more but a life is priceless and having seat belts would be worth it.

I get thinking of this every time I get on a bus and it has no seat belts, and I'm yet to find a bus that has seat belts other than the driver.


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I have a feeling most kids wouldn't wear their seat belts, but they should at least have the option. It's not like school buses are never in accidents.


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if it flipped and they had belts then taht would b a bitch to evacuate especialy if it was on fire... and not to mention if it was the short bus.... well i think u get the point


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I think many kids would be ridiculed to no end if they were wearing a seatbelt...on a bus. I must admit, I would be the ones laughing.

Buses usually travel along local roads anyway. Unless it's a football game where they have to transport teams, they hardly ever go on highways and overpasses. The chances of flipping or rolling over are pretty slim. Unless an 18 wheeler or another bus hits you, nothing's going to budge a school bus.
They would probably get vandalize by the kids, too, if they were added.

Still, even with that, they should have add them now so the school doesn't get sued later on down the road. At least if you have the option of having them you shouldn't be liable if anything happens to pancake Jimmy.


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It's not just school buses that don't. Lots of buses don't have seat belts. The reason is that it might be hard for everybody to get out after a crash.

So instead everybody is thrown out through windows when the bus crashes.

I think it's retarded that they don't have seatbelts. A bus fell off a bridge where I live once and kids fell out and got killed by the bus. No seatbelts.

You can argue safety for no seatbelts vs wearing seatbelts until you are blue in the face but why not just let people make their own decision about whether or not they want to wear it? At least put them in so people can have the opiton.
The reason is that it might be hard for everybody to get out after a crash.

So instead everybody is thrown out through windows when the bus crashes.
Bus Driver: Get out of the bus!
People: NO!
*Bus driver crashes bus*
People: Wooo~oah! *crash, bang, splat*
Bob: Hey, this wasn't my stop...

They had this scary video on YouTube of a bus crashing and you see all these people going fly in the air crashing into the roof. A seat belt would've held them down and lowered the risk of injury. Especially going flying out a window.

This also brings up why some buses don't have any padding or protection inside the bus. If it crashes and you bang your head on the side, wouldn't you want to hit some nice padding instead of metal? I think you would.