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Should religion be allowed on Mars?


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I was going to post in the "Lets go to Mars" thread but I decided this might be better as a new thread.

If we end up colonizing Mars in the future, should those who believe in a religion be banned from moving there or being a part of the colonization?

Would this be a perfect opportunity for a religion free society, where those born in it wouldn't even have access to religion?

Or would the people of Mars be in constant communication with Earth anyway?



Why should religious people be banned from going to Mars?
They're human too, no?
I'm sure if God regulates nature laws, He can pretty much do the same thing in Mars, no?
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Religion shouldn't be banned. But it should not be allowed into any form of government regulation. Religion is not a blanket to be spread over anyone you want, it's a choice and thus should not be forced upon the masses.


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Banning religion from a planet sounds kind of silly to me.

Anyway, unless they cut off all contact from earth it would still become known to children. Also, it's quite possible new religions or cults would be created in secret. If you put a ban on something people know it exist.


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Would this be a perfect opportunity for a religion free society, where those born in it wouldn't even have access to religion?
You cant stop people(ie all) believing, however nonsensical their belief might be.

Whats this got to do with science?


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No matter what you do, I could simply pretend like I don't believe in a religion. Lie detecting tests are not reliable after all. Besides, what happens if people start following a religion after going there?


I don't know why moving to Mars could be related to religion. I fail to understand the common point. If God really exists he'll be observing us wherever we are.

And I agree with Banana wondering what's this got to do with science.


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Wherever there are human beings, religion will follow. You just can't seperate Humans and religion.


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It's Hybrix's board, if he wants to put this thread in the Science category, that's his choice ~LoL~
Having said that, I will say....I have never been one for space travel, I don't give a care about NASA and the shuttles they keep sending up...and I don't care if we ever make it to Mars or not..BUT........BUT!!!...if being able to live on Mars means I wouldn't have to put up with every Tom, Dick and Jane tossing their religious beliefs down my throat.....beam me up!


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I think whoever colonises Mars will pattern the community there based on their own structure. For example, if the US does it, it'll be one of its territories and I find it hard to believe they can impose religious restrictions to moving there. Mostly, it'll be mini USA with McDonald's as probably the first fastfood to install itself.