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Should rape be 100% illegal


I'm serious
This sentence right here is what should tell them that what they are saying is completely screwed up.

If your partner ignores your pleas to get off you or causes physical injury to keep you from leaving, that's still just not rape.
Cause physical injury to keep you from leaving is ok? So not only is it not ok for you to change your mind, but if you do, you give the other person the permission to physically harm you?

This makes me sick. Honestly. I am at a loss for words.
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Problematic Shitlord
As soon as you say no, that's it. What the hell is the matter with these people, they think consenting to sex is a verbal contract? Because that's exactly what they're suggesting.


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Well, most of us have seen Gamer the movie and those indie flicks about how its a possibility that people will be tracked by their government at some point in the future. I think we are all alarmingly close to seeing that future right now. In the Gamer movie, remember how you could rent a person's body from the comfort of your home and make that person have sex with some other person, as video game characters. This is as close as we will get to "unconsented" sex for the now. Scrolling down today's post on this forum, i saw something about the US government tracking its citizen, considering that they are about to sign a law that will effectively end internet privacy, I think we are headed for the point of no return already but nobody seems to care. And I can't believe Gfers are not replying to this thread. Rape is just like AIDS these days, we are all ignorant until it happens to somebody we know.
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I can't imagine having a law like this....how horrible.....men are going to feel as tho they can get away with more, but if the women are smart, they'd best choose their date carefully.
This is absurd, whomever made this law should be bitch-slapped.


I just want to think this news is fake or that this website is not trustworthy. I can't believe something like this could sound normal.

I don't know what's there to discuss about.


Boom Boom Pow!
Oh my lord. That is just horrible. They seriously need attend to this issue very soon. Of course rape should be 100% illegal. It's wrong, always has been and will be wrong there is no excuse for it. Ever.


Do What Thou Wilt
that is flat out wrong. The sad thing is, this may have to actually happen for anything to be done about it. Sadly, it may go to the Supreme Court, it does sound like quite a big law to topple.


Son of Liberty
A couple of things. One rape is 100% legal what they're allegedly doing here is redefining rape. Secondly, you have to remember this is during intercourse already occurring, not forcing someone to engage in intercourse to begin with.

I haven't read State v. Way so I'll reserve any comments the blog makes and what they allege until I do.


I don't know how something like this can even be an issue but then again not every state law has been introduced to the 21st century. No means no, from what I understand about the Kobe Bryant thing.

Of course if you're about to cum after having sex and then they say "stop," that may be a problem.