Should Pro Wrestling be real?

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by PhillyKid90210, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. I know it sounds silly but should it though. I mean is it fair for superstars to be named the winners of a match before it even starts. I think its unfair matches should be set up. And also should wrestling be more of a sport like what it was back in the day. More wrestling and less entertainment. I think to that the superstars need some more time off to be with their families and to take a break. Example Chris Benoit. Also wrestling should get on their superstars for taking steriods. Again example Chris Benoit. What are your thoughts. I mean not all of wrestling has to be real only about 80% real and the rest fake. I just don't like the set up matches and the entertainment they having now a days. Also the year round wrestling too.

  2. Dr. Rockzerz

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    If all matches were real the same guys would win every time. HHH, Cena, Orton, Taker etc.... Mid card guys would always stay mid card guys. So no it shouldnt be real or it would get boring after a while seeing the same people win over and over again. In a sense it is real. Wrestlers are putting there bodies on the line and they can get hurt in a flash. Sure the guys know how to hit someone just right and they know how to use a weapon correctly and they know how to land off and Powerbomb or whatever etc.... Id say the WWE is fairly real but not very real. Yes they do get hurt and after a match you feel like shit especially those long ones but there are fake things in wrestling too. So i say it would be best if wrestling stayed fake for the most part.
  3. andrew_bishop

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    I agree. If wrestling was real then we'd be stuck in the same era that we have now. Take for example then reign of Burno Sanmartino back in 1970s when wrestling was at it's real peak and he held the title 8 years. Sure that worked then but it wouldn't today. The big guys would dominate with ease and sometimes thats in the storyline but its also good when we switch who's in the title ranks.
  4. Darksyde

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    Even though reality apparently makes for good television, in this arm of entertainment it would not work at all. If you want real watch MMA or UFC. That's as close to "real" wrestling as your gonna get.
  5. andrew_bishop

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    The Entertainment part of the WWE is going to always make it fake. There are some things you are not permitted to do really in the WWE and I think thats why they keep mostly everything fake.
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    for me i would like to see real wrestling, i mean why watch "wrestling" when its pretty much about entertainment, not wrestling? i dont even care if same guys would win over and over again, at least we know who is good and who's not
  7. Yeah i know what your saying but if your a wrestler and you know your gonna lose a match because its set up for you like whats your confidence gonna be. Sure its part of the job and all but won't you feel kinda upset. Your risking yourself in a match that your gonna lose. And you can still not get over and get a push and all.
  8. Dr. Rockzerz

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    So facing HHH and lets say your Benjamin will that help your confidence better? HHH would crush him.
  9. Malificus

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    I say no because there's other venues for real fights. Wrestling is better as it is. Plus matches are a lot more daring and entertaining to watch when they're scripted then when they're real.
  10. andrew_bishop

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    Not to mention it helps to keep the fans interested. If you have Khali fighting anybody 9 times out of 10 he'll win and that won't help the fan support the WWE gets.

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