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Should Partners Have The Same Political Opinions?


Registered Member
I've been seeing a lot of news articles lately (basically since Trump came on the scene) about the importance of couples having the same political ideologies and how "miraculous" it is when a couple with opposing views stay together. What do you think? Would that make or break your relationship? Would it deter you from wanting to be in a relationship with someone?


Free Spirit
Staff member
I think it would be a good idea if you agreed on some issues anyway. Don't have to see eye to eye on all things political. If one is far left and the other far right that might be too much.


Registered Member
I have a moment from my youth that I love; my mom listening to the radio and a couple saying they had been married 60 years and never had an argument. My mom almost yelling at the radio, "DO THEY EVERY TALK!?!?"

My brother in law, die hard Eagles fan, married a Cowboys fan. If they can do it, anyone can get along.