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Should OKC Trade Russell Westbrook?


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Kevin Durant left the Thunder and signed w/ the Warriors. That was a huge loss for the Thunder, who were a championship contender last year. They were up 3-1 in the WCF, a win away from going to the Finals. OKC should've won imo, they were the better team for most of that series. Had KD played better in game 6, the Thunder may have won the series, and maybe even the championship. But, of course that's not what happened. Instead, they lost, KD left, and now Russell Westbrook is entering a contract year. With Durant leaving, OKC is not a championship contender anymore imo, and there is a possibility that Westbrook could leave next summer in free agency, in which case OKC would obviously get nothing in return. So, should the Thunder trade Westbrook now due to the possibility of him leaving anyway in free agency? And also, if Westbrook were to leave/be traded, which teams would be the best fit?


The return shall be legenday!
Looks like Westbrook wants to show the world he can lead a team without Durant. Not sure he can but ones thing is for sure, he'll be putting up gaming type of numbers this season.


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I hope that he does well with that chance - Since I'm a midwest guy, I like OKC and would like them to stay competitive in the years to come. Let's hope that ownership can build a talented team around him.


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I mean good on Westbrook for getting the cash and especially staying in OKC for now. He gets the adoration of the fanbase and he can take all the damn shots he wants to.