Should I?


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So my roommate has a bag of weed in the room. Should I rat him out?


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Because it's gonna start smelling, and we already had one run-in with the residence director about it.

I don't want to be a party pooper, but I'd like to stay in college.

I should just tell him to smoke it all in the next few days.


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tell him to smoke it somewhere else or you'll rat him out.
or buy some incense
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:lol: I claimed ignorance the first time and neither one of us got in trouble.

But there's no incense allowed in the dorms. No candles or anything. fire hazards :-/ He tried the turning on the shower trick, but the advisors were suspicious of that,. luckily they turned off the A/C earlier in the week so the place was already humid.


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I agree with Jeanie, you should make your position clear before you go straight for the neck. Tell him to get rid of it, or you'll snitch. If he continues to be a wanker, then you rat him out.


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You know, I should've posted this in the advice section, but for some reason the thought of weed drew me to subtalk. :confused: :lol:

thanks for the suggestions guys