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should i try out for cross country


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I am currently a freshmen 5’3 115-120lb I am not in the best shape but I am getting there. I’ve been running everyday on the treadmill because of the weather here for the past 2 and ½ months. NOW I run outside I can run for about 2miles straight w/o feeling too tired. My best mile time is 8:28 mins. I love to run every day and I really want to be in cross country I tried track and field but didn’t make it though I learn that I am more of a distance runner. So do u suggest I should go for cross country w/o embarrassing myself in front of everyone and be the slowest runner?
Thank you

oh i was wondering how many girls can be on the cross country team


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oh i was wondering how many girls can be on the cross country team
I'm sure it depends on the school. You should go talk to the coach about it if you're interested. I don't think my school had a cut for track or cross country. Don't worry about being the slowest. If you like running then you should join the team. You will get in better shape and get a lot faster from practicing with the team everyday.


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If you feel that you should join the cross country race, go for it because you have nothing to lose, finish first or finish last, you'd know that you tried to achieve something and doing the cross country, you did something.


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I don't see why you shouldn't go for it, if you love it, have passion for it, than go for it.

It's better to have tried, than to never have tried...trust me :(