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Should I know by now?


Sally Twit
I'm almost 25 and I still can't imagine myself with children. When I see a child I do find them cute but I am not one of those people that runs over and gets all excited and emotional. I never have been.
All of my friends that are in relationships seem to know already that they want children and some of them already do have them.
I know that my boyfriend wants to have children one day and I'd hate to think it wouldn't be me he had them with.

Is there a point in my life where I'll decide I want children? Will I wake up one day and change my mind? Maybe I don't want to have children... I dunno. Would I know by now if I wanted them?


yellow 4!
I'm interested to hear answers on this too. Only because whenever I tell people I don't want kids they say I will someday and I never believe them. I'm reading about it now on yahoo answers and the ages at which people say they felt like they wanted to have children range from 15 to 30. :)

So no, I don't think you would necessarily know by now if you wanted them.


Son of Liberty
In my opinion I believe everyone is different. Coming from the Male perspective of the same Age, I would say I can understand where you're coming from.

I feel as though I want kids, I know that without a doubt or concern. But the question that I combat all the time is; Am I ready for Kids? When I will I know I'm ready? I honestly believe the only answer to that one metaphorically is to just hit the wall speeding and hope to go through.

Whether or not thats a common happenstance around this age, I still have to laugh at how I've talked to people, usually the excessive breeders and I ask "so you're obviously happy to be a mom?"... and the answer I usually get is "I've always wanted a big family, even before I knew what Sex was".

A funny observation about that is they usually come from big families themselves. Very rarely do I see People who came from being an Only child or even Oldest child flaunting some 4-6 kids themselves :hah: Dunno if thats because they are prone to soaking up all the attention themselves and are not comfortable or sure on a subconscious level to deal with giving that attention up to some ankle biters or not.
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The Hierophant
Well, I'd say it ranges from person to person. I, personally, don't want kids. I amuse the thought occasionally, but when it all boils down to it, I simply do not want kids. I have a sister that's ten years younger than I am, and a brother that's eighteen years younger than I am. I know what it's like to deal with babies, and even watching them grow up into little people is entertaining in its own right, but it's not something that I'd want to experience with my own child.

It's possible that you don't want kids, as well. That's something that only you will be able to tell yourself.

But, I'd be willing to bet a large amount of money that you'd be super stoked to actually have a kid if you wound up pregnant. Not saying that you'd want to keep popping them out, but I bet if you were pregnant, you'd want to have a kid even more so than ever.

And I don't think that anyone is ever actually ready to have a kid. Ice said it best. Sometimes it's best to just hit the wall going full speed and hope to just go straight through it. That's about how I'd describe it from my perception with my siblings.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
My cousin and her husband never ever wanted to have kids...they are dead set on it. Then, for whatever reason, they decided to have one and now they couldn't be happier. The only thing she talks about is her son Braden and how he's such a blessing to have around.

She was 32 when she had him and her husband was 37. So who knows...there's plenty of time to change your mind. I'm not sure what changed their minds but they couldn't be happier now.


Son of Liberty
When I see a child I do find them cute but I am not one of those people that runs over and gets all excited and emotional. I never have been.
I originally wanted to post this part of my opinion to, but got cut short here at work. I completely feel ya when it comes to not feeling overjoyed in the presence of Kids, for me more specifically its Babies.

Babies all look the same to me, I've never really been able to fully grasp the "fun" of a baby and everyone always tells me "you'll know it when you have one" so I 'spose for that much I'll just have to take their advice. The kids I do like being around are Toddlers and older. The ones where you can see the wheels turning in their heads and they're completely into it.

As alot of you know I'm the kinda person that can go on and on and on when it comes to explaining or rationalizing things, I enjoy it thoroughly. So having someone with a blank slate like a kid ask me for advice or just a "what is this?" kinda question, I friggin love it. But babies.... eh well thats why I have kim :hah:


still nobody's bitch
No, you shouldn't know by now. You're still a kid by my standards. I was 37 when Delaney was born, and I knew then that I wanted at least one child, but up until a few years before that I was like you - I didn't get all emotional over kids or anything. I loved my niece & nephew, for sure, but other kids drove me up the wall.

You've got plenty of time before your clock starts ticking.