Should I drop Ice?


Son of Liberty
Back when I was in high school and loving life whilst playing Hockey I had on my backpack written in White out;

"I'd rather be on the ice"

It wasnt original really. I mean I stole the general concept from those Redneck License plates that say things like "I'd rather be fishing"... you know the kinds. So one day I get pulled into the office, apparently my backpack triggered the drug dogs that were perusing the school. They hit me up for having prescription Hydrocodone in my bag :hah:

But that wasnt an issue, they just made me check that into the Nurse. The real funny part was the Principle arguing with me about what my White out writing meant. He thought... "rather be on the ice" meant I preferred to be all doped up on Meth :hah:

So yeah... I always laugh when I hear someone call me Ice. Makes me feel like a hardcore Meth Dealer or something.

Yo man! I'm bout to drop some Ice then stay up for 4 days and clean this garage with a Toof-Brush!


Son of Liberty
For the record.... I love my username, I'm not planning on changing it at all. I was actually referring to the Street name for meth.

I'm uhhh making fun of Scissors thread about Dropping Acid :eyebrow:


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I know you were. I was going to say that its not fair that you tell me not to do acid then you ask if you should do clear! =P Totally uncalled for.

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