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Should He Have Been Better Prepared?


Registered Member
Should Jason seeing that he would be with his sons be better prepared for this canyon trip?

Whatshould he have done to make sure that in the event something like this happened he would be found sooner?

The biggest thing i can think of is whenyou take trips like this..always but always tell someone where you are going and what time you should be home.
If by chance at least then someone is aware and call for help you sooner.

If by chance you also decide to do something different other then what you told someone
call and let the person know about different plans.

What do you think?
Utah dad describes how he, sons survived 3 days trapped in canyon - TODAY.com


Registered Member
Its really cool that they survived but the planning was really messed up. Always leave 1 or 2 people behind to scout for problems and they shoulda taken more food than 1 granola bar. Ive been rappelling and I know you can carry water and some food if you have strong nylon ropes. That way if somebody gets hurt or cant get back up then somebody on top can go for help. With proper planning nobody shoulda been stuck down there that long.


Free Spirit
Staff member
It always helps to be prepared even if you don't plan to be gone for long. Also someone should know where you are going and when you will be back.

I'm assuming he has to pay for his rescue since he set up a site to make donations. I wonder how much it cost.