Should crack and heroin be legal or illegal?

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Babe_Ruth, Jul 31, 2010.


Should crack and heroin be legal or illegal?

  1. Legalized and regulated; turned into a legitimate business like alcohol and tobacco

  2. Using should be decriminalized, selling/trafficking should remain illegal

  3. There should be no change from the current laws (American/Canadian/British)

  4. Other (Please explain)

  1. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    We had threads about legalizing drugs, especially Marijuana. I wanted to make a specific thread about Crack and Heroin.

    Do you believe they should be legal or illegal.

    Please read the poll options.

  2. Daemonic

    Daemonic Registered Member

    Drug addiction should be treated like an illness, not a crime. Those that support that addiction should be punished. I believe criminalizing it only makes the problem worse. Many addicts use to escape from something. Locking them up only puts them under more stress and increases the desire to use. It is also easy to get drugs in prison.
  3. micfranklin

    micfranklin Eviscerator

    For the sake of lowering crime, clearing up jail cells that should be reserved for real criminals and giving up some needed money I say legalize it all.
  4. Ultra_Critical

    Ultra_Critical Registered Member

    Unfortunately I live in a town, population of 40,000, that is overrun with heroin addiction. During my senior year of high school 90% of the cosmetology girls and about 30% of the football were avid heroin users. I personally know about 8 people who've I've spent a lot of time with who I know have shot up. Just this last week a kid who graduated the year before me died of overdose...


    With this, and having known a few crack addicts and one dealer in my life I have to say that legalizing it would be the most ludicrous move possible. I understand that if an individual wants the drug they will find it but that's no reason to commercialize it and sell it like candy. What needs to be done is jail sentences need to be shortened and treatment needs to increase. These people are sick, mentally, with addiction and they need help from us, not to be locked away with a bunch of other crackheads and smack addicts who they will just feed off of. It's no secret that prison is just essentially a school for criminals to learn to hate the system and the government and the law enforcement and to learn the tricks of the trade...
  5. Bananas

    Bananas Endangered Species

    Why does something have to become legal to achieve the above? .... surely prison sentences are discretionary to the judicial system and not only dependent to the legal status of a substance.

    Most users in prison are not there for drug offences but mostly petty theft, burglary, assault etc and all the other illegal social degradation's that comes with drug addiction.
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  6. jdndfw

    jdndfw Registered Member

    I spent half of my life addicted to narcotics. I have seen it destroy every life it touches. especially my own. there is NOTHING to be gained from legalizing any narcotic. if you give people who are currently hiding their use a free hand to use without worry it won't end well. I acknowledge there are upsides. there would spring up all sorts of services and help lines and non-profits for the benefit of recovery but do we really wanna deal with the opposites of those benefits... MORE AVAILABLE to those who aren't old enough to make a responsible choice. more hallucination induced violence or accidents. the breakdown of self respect and ability to cope with ANYTHING emotional is almost too much alone. And finally, there are addicts out there who have NEVER touched a single drug simply because it is illegal. i know. i've met quite a few. if we make it legal we are saying it is OK. we are opening the door for death to some of those people and we already have enough death.

    just an opinion.

  7. pedals

    pedals Registered Member

    Heroin is a powerful drug in itself. A medicine. One of the strongest kinds. It should be legal. Physician heal thyself. (Was that Hippocrates?) America sucks balls right now. Crack is a poison in my opinion. Then again, if people want to poison themselves they should have the right. It's our bodies, our lives. We should be able to do with them what we please.
  8. rainbow5555

    rainbow5555 Registered Member

    In my opinon if people want to take drugs that are harmful to them you may as well let them considering they will get a hold of it through other crime (and most people don't like crime).
  9. Bananas

    Bananas Endangered Species

    The medicine is known as diamorphine and there is no reason to make heroin legal just so physicians can prescribe it, most western European countries already do so. The US just has a blanket ban as far as Im aware.

    Addiction and dependency is not as one pleases. Sure the first couple of hits are choice, but soon the choice is taken aware and replaced by a necessity.
  10. Major

    Major 4 legs good 2 legs bad V.I.P.

    I think they should be decriminalized, but not completely legalized. Addiction is a disease, not a crime. Users should be given treatment, not prison time. I don't understand why our society looks at drug users as criminals. The real criminals are the dealers who are making millions of dollars off the stuff.

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