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Should Arnold be able to run for President?


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I'm not really a big fan of the law that prohibits non US born citizens from becoming president.

Here's why. I believe 100% that people who move to the US and become citizens should be able to become president as long as they are fit for the position.

One prerequisite that could be implemented to stop the wrong types of people from attempting to become president would be to state that a presidential candidate needs to have been a citizen of the US for at least 35 years.

Currently, the rules require a candidate to be at least 35 years old, but, I think that modifying this clause to 35 years as a citizen would be equally effective.

I'm not saying I agree with Arnold Schwarzenegger's every move, but, it's safe to say that he would make a better candidate than some of the other people who ARE allowed to run for president.

Sure nothing will be done in time for the 2008 election, but, I wouldn't be surprised to see this topic come up more in the next few years.

What do you think?


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Honestly, I see no problem with a person who wasn't born in the United States to become the President. A person who has lived in the country for the majority of their life would qualify as an American to me.

What ulterior motives would an Austrian-born actor have, anyway?


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Even if he was aloud to run for president (which I highly doubt he will) He wouldn't get many votes. The republicans who voted for him to be governor of California Liked him because... Well, he was the stereotypical republican. He was a super consumer and didn't give a shit about the eco system (I'm basing this off of the Hummer.) Now that he has more democratic views, he will have lost many of the people who voted for him last time.


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I think that he should be able to run for president. I also would add to the living in the US for 35 years that they hold some sort of office before hand. Like Arnold does, doesn't have to be govenor though, some state or local office so there is some sort of history there.


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Changing one requirement for office could lead to others that may not be as appealing. Many people would have no problem with Arnold running for President(discluding the fact that he is not a natural born citizen) but it opens the door to something potentially harmful to America. It is easier to know more about a person if he/she was born here. If the laws were changed, the future presidents may have connections that we don't know about.
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The fact that he is from Austria doesn't mean a thing. He is a good governor, but of course he is so wildly popular that some people would think that is was an unfair election, I would be happy if he became president though.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Reagan was an actor, but I was never too sure on if his presidency was a successful one or not. I seem to remember him being a very popular guy post-presidency.

Being born in another country doesn't have an adverse affect on the way you could run he country you've spent the majority of your life living in, not to mention governing a whole damn state.


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Well I guess that it is just the law and Arnold Can't run, which is a real shame because I really do think that he would make a really good president, especially with some of the people that have the possibility of making it, Arnold would be a good president.


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It is much deeper than a law though. Its the Constitution. Most people revel the Constitution too much to change it for essentially one person. I live 4000 miles from where I grew up and it still holds a special place with me. I would never fully trust the allegiance of anyone who wasn't born an American. Australia is one of our best friends in the world, but what if they started harboring Al Quada? Would he do what he needed to do?