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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sweet_mayhem, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. sweet_mayhem

    sweet_mayhem Registered Member

    presently, i'm considering to buy ray bradbury's book "the sound of thunder and other stories" you think it would be worth it? do you know of other good short story writers? thanks...

  2. mamab

    mamab Registered Member

    I've always like O. Henry. I've never been a big Bradbury fan, but then, I'm a little bit different. I also like Hawthorne and Poe.
  3. sweet_mayhem

    sweet_mayhem Registered Member

    i love poe, too! if one is looking for eery short stories with substance, his works truly fill that need. as for hawthorne, back in high school i tried reading his novel "the scarlet letter" but i lost interest before the half of the book. maybe i should get back to it now that i'm older and more mature (i think :) ) what hawthorne short stories do you recommend, mamab? i didn't know before that he's into short stories. are you also fond of novels, mamab? what do you usually read?
  4. rubybug

    rubybug New Member

    If you like really strange stories, anything by H.P. Lovecraft is good. Strange, but good.

    O. Henry and Bradbury both excellent choices! Poe too!
  5. sweet_mayhem

    sweet_mayhem Registered Member

    hmmm..h.p. lovecraft...thanks for suggesting that, rubybug; i'll definitely search for his works online.
  6. Taggart

    Taggart Registered Member

    Speaking of Lovecraft, he influenced Stephen King. Generally speaking, I prefer King's earlier writing and he has a few collections of short stories.

    I also enjoyed Ernest Hemingway's collection of short stories.
  7. rubybug

    rubybug New Member

    I didn't know that, how interesting. I like Stephen King, I'm reading Wizard and Glass right now, can't wait to finish the Dark Tower series. :)
  8. Taggart

    Taggart Registered Member

    I read the last of The Dark Tower series before I read the two previous ones. So I think I'll go back and read those two as well.

    I think that since the time-line jumps around quite a bit, it won't be too confusing.

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