Short Story - "Cruentus Angelus"


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ok, now before any1 posts anything like "WTF" or "Wow, i dont get it", this is for an english not much of a writer (obviously) but i wanted to post this cuz it made a few of my friends laugh that play WoW

[FONT=&quot]Cruentus Angelus[/FONT]

Long ago, when the alliance and the horde were fighting, an orc warlock named Ieatkodos was born in the Valley of Trials, Durotar. He was an ordinary dark caster with minions, but it was once said that an orc warlock named Ieatkodos was going to get an army of hundreds and slay all kings of the alliance and wipe out the alliance for horde to take over Azeroth.

As he adventured and gained new armor and spells he came across a friend named Sneakyshanks who invited him to his guild named Cruentus Angelus, or Blood Knights. Sneakyshanks was a troll rogue that hit the highest level of the rogue title, Master Rogue. Ieatkodos and Sneakyshanks added members to the guild and both became leaders later on.

Ieatkodos leveled into Apprentice, Journeyman, Artisan, and Master very quickly. By the time he hit the Master Warlock title, he was dressed in all black, dark blue and dark purple. This made it easier for him to hide because he killed so many innocent people. He was wanted by all major alliance cities, but the horde could care less. The way they see it, there’s once less alliance in Azeroth now.

Sneakyshanks found a Master paladin that was looking for a guild to join. Kaiden joined, but little did he know that he was joining a guild that wanted to kill all leaders of the alliance. Ieatkodos and Sneakyshanks told him later on and Kaiden stayed, he loved the idea that the horde could control all of Azeroth.

Ieatkodos and Sneakyshanks were Leaders now. Cruentus Angelus had over 600 people. It was almost time, the alliance would soon be no more. Together they would raid alliance towns and sometimes they would even sneak in major alliance cities and kill novices and apprentices or all classes.
While both Ieatkodos and Sneakyshanks were raiding Ironforge they came across an orc warrior prisoner, named Stooda, who was captured because he attempted to assassinate the king of Stormwind. Ieatkodos and Sneakyshanks snuck him out of Ironforge and invited him to the guild as a Guild Leader.

Right when that moment struck, the guild was complete and Cruentus Angelus was ready to kill all kings of the alliance.

Now there were four Leaders, Ieatkodos, Sneakyshanks, Stooda and Kaiden. In the middle of summer, they all agreed that on July 15th they would raid the alliance cities.

The time came and each Guild Leader got 150 troops per raid group. All Guild Leaders were all Masters of their classes and they all had very dark clothing. They each picked one card with a city name on it, this decided which city they were going to raid. Sneakyshanks got Ironforge, the city of Dwarves and Gnomes. Stooda got Exodar, the city of the Draenei. Kaiden got Darnassus, the city of Night Elves. Ieatkodos got Stormwind, the city of Humans.

All Guild Leaders went to the alliance cities. Kaiden and Stooda had no problem at all killing the kings at Exodar and Darnassus. But Ieatkodos and Sneakyshanks had troubles with Stormwind and Ironforge. Stooda and his raid group went on to help Ieatkodos with Stormwind and Kaiden and his raid group went on to help Sneakyshanks in Ironforge. Ieatkodos and Stooda killed the king in less than fifteen minutes of entering Stormwind. Kaiden and Sneakyshanks had a harder time though, they thought they could handle it and didn’t ask for Stooda and Ieatkodos help.

On July 16th Ieatkodos, Stooda and Kaiden returned to the guild headquarters. Ieatkodos was the first to notice that Sneakyshanks never made it back. Ieatkodos asked Kaiden what happened to Sneakyshanks.
Sneakyshanks had stealthed into the kings’ temple thinking he could assassinate the king and run out. The guards saw him and all went after Sneakyshanks. He couldn’t make it back to his raid group in time and was killed.

At that point, the Guild Leaders of Cruentus Angelus announced this to all of the remaining members and held a funeral for all members who died in action during the raids, and they all bought tabards and decorated them to say “R.I.P Sneakyshanks and Cruentus Angelus.”

On July 17th, what was left of Cruentus Angelus, met at Orgrimmar to receive their rewards. The kings of all horde cities gathered to Orgrimmar to congratulate and reward Cruentus Angelus. The kings of the horde officially announced July 15th as “Cruentus Angelus Day” to remember what sacrifices the guild went through to win the war for the horde.

One week after July 17th, Ieatkodos found a blood elf priest that could resurrect people. He asked kindly and gave the blood elf priest all the gold that he had to bring back his best friend, Sneakyshanks, to life. The priest accepted this offer and Sneakyshanks was brought back to life as an undead rogue.

Both Ieatkodos and Sneakyshanks both walked away, but only for a few minutes. Ieatkodos wanted his money back, so he decided to sneak up behind the blood elf priest and kill him.

The priest had decided to walk inside his house and take a nap. Ieatkodos broke into his house quietly and took out his dagger and stabbed him in the back. Ieatkodos got his gold back and stole his staff and armor, then sold the staff and armor to a merchant in Orgrimmar.

Now you cannot roam Azeroth without hearing the names Ieatkodos, Stooda, Kaiden, Sneakyshanks or Cruentus Angelus. They were all brave heroes and helped the horde win the long battle against the alliance.

whatcha think? lol
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