Shorn on the Fourth of July

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by enjoy, Jul 4, 2007.

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    Hey everybody. Happy effing Fourth. This is my favourite American holiday, though I've always been confused as to why it's a federally-recognised holiday, when in fact what it epitomises (at least in my interpretation) is a celebration of independence to which our federal government can never lay claim. Anyway, seeing as I'm a poor poor university student (tm) who just put nearly all of his (currently accessible) income towards rent and incredibly high (i.e. city monopoly on electricity, thanks Tallahassee) electric bill, it looks like it'll be pre-cooked, microwavable chicken, ramen and bread for my feast fit for one, to be accompanied with excerpts from the Thomas Jefferson Reader. I hope you all enjoy the day off, take care and spend time with the ones you love. It's a good day, regardless of political persuasion. Okay, not the day itself so much as what it represents. Oh, and for those of you who aren't American, well, I hope you have a good day as well.

    Below is an article on taxation and the Declaration. If you...get the time. It's a tad lengthy. Adios.
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    [/FONT](part 2 continued in next post)

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    Hey, don't say I'm not a comprimising guy. I'd settle for 2.5% too. No more, preferably less.
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    this articles genius

    I tried to buy "The New Nation" but its not available on Amazon. It must be some conspiracy by McGraw Hill or the government to stop the truth

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