Shopping on the Cheap


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I find the price of many things, particularly clothes, to be far too high. Where do you guys go to find good bargins?


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I can't stand buying clothes for the same reason. I end up going to Walmart most of the time. I buy plain t-shirts and graphic tees for somewhere in the range of $3-$8 depending on the item. If I want dressier clothes, I shop at Marshalls, they usually have some nice stuff for dirt cheap (good quality too.)


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Yeah clothes can be way overpriced, you can spend a fraction of the money and get pretty much the exact same thing I don't understand how anyone would pay so much for clothes.

For my shopping I'll drop by Kohl's or Old Navy, Wal-Mart is good as well sometimes.


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Kohl's is a good spot. They usually have a good clearance rack going too. Being a college student, I love Steve and Barry's (Everything in the store was under $10, no lie) but for some reason they closed down the one closest to me.


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I buy all my work clothes,jeans,t shirts,jumpers,in Primark,the jeans are good for work and at only a fiver a pair i dont mind if they get ruined the first day i wear them