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Do What Thou Wilt
What is your preferred Type of shoe?
What style?
What brand(s)?
Which ones can't you stand?

Well, for the past few years I've gotten into Converse shoes. I loved the basic white on black leather shoes. And thats what I have worn.

But rather uncharacteristically of me I have gotten back into sneakers. Actually, they are the kind I thought I didn't like, what I normally would think as gaudy and opulent. But they were on sale (70% OFF) and what I thought were rather stylish.

They are Cole Haans Air Nero, with Red Suede on Gray with white Laces, and are normally 100 Dollars, but with a 70% sale, I got them at a bargain price. They are ironically the most valuable shoes I have ever owned yet the cheapest. :lol:

But these are too nice to wear everyday because they will get ruined in the rain, so I got a cheap set of Nike's for the same 30 dollars, but we payed only 3 dollars because we had 27 dollars store credit.

But, because Cole Haan is owned by Nike, the two shoes are almost identical except the Nike is made of cheaper materials.

Both have almost the same color scheme, and similar looks, and each is very comfortable.

But, their are Two shoes I cannot stand.


They are hideous and dumb. And completely unattractive

And 4in Stillettoes (Sp?)
I see those and I think "WHORE" (though most of the time, the rest of the woman's in question outfit screams "WHORE" as well)