Shocking story!!


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There was a local story here where officers beat up a guy who sold pot. This story is unbelievable mostly because I went to school with one guy and my husband knew another one really well. The wife of the dealer who was beat up secretly hid a tape recorder in her kitchen and got on tape where the officers beat and threatened the guy. The recording is only 39 minutes long , but the events last nearly 2 hours. These officers lied to TBI (tennessee burea of investigation) on their original statements until the realized that the events had been recorded. There is a full story, sentencing terms, the actual recording and a transcript of the recording on this website ...full story You might have to put in your email address and stuff to read it, but trust me it is sooo worth it ... this is a rude awakening for my community as to how trustworthy anyone should be when it comes to trusting an officer. I would have never dreamed these guys were that way. The one who you hear repeatedly Officer Monday is the one who my husband knew ... he was in total shock! Our first impression was that him and Officer Carroll the (the one I knew) were dragged along with surperior officers. Listen to the tape and follow along with the trasncript and see what you guys think. It will blow your mind!



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that link should take you right to it

after you register click on that link and sign in it will take you where it's at ... on the right side you'll see where it says related links and that is where you can find the recording and the transcript. I hope that helps
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Before you hear the recording it works best if you already have the transcript pulled up so that you can make out better what is being said ... at one point you can hear where they are taking battery cables and a battery charger to the victim (siler) they had it hooked up to his nose. And threatened to put them else where's ... please be aware that the recording is very graphic and children should not hear it!
I couldn't listen to the recording because I'm at work. It's always sad when a police officer crosses the line. The sad thing is, living in a suburb outside of Detroit, we hear about things like this all the time.
Having 2 uncles in law enforcement, I can understand how easy it is to snap and go overboard (not that I'm defending what they did)! It's sad to see people who once had the ability to see shades of gray, move onto viewing the world in black and white only.
I might sound unfeeling, but seeing how he is a convicted drug dealer, I don't feel quite as sorry for him as I might have otherwise.


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Well that is indeed a disturbing story. I didn't see any video to watch, but read the story. I know there are bad cops out there, just like there are bad people in every kind of job. James (before he became a drug addict) worked as a reserve officer in a small town near ours and the stuff he told me that went on in that town that was suppose to be kept hush hush was shocking! Sure I of all people HATE the drug dealer with a passion, but I would not go so far as to torture one of them. Did this have any effect on his sentanceing?


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There is no video ... there is an audio of the actual events where the drug dealer(siler) his wife put a hidden tape recorder in their kitchen. Siler and his wife were arrested that night. Siler told a fellow inmate of the beating and begged for help. The inmate who was released the next day in turn went to a lawyer who reported it to TBI. There is no kind of sympathy to be given to the officers in their acts. They were suppose to serve and protect. Do I condone a drug dealer ? Absolutly not! However their acts to me are unexcusable. That's my opinion. I feel that too often the same people we think are there to help us are the same ones we should be fearing of violating our rights. I can give many incidents on which our local law enforcement has let me down and others around me to back that statement. Listen to the audio and read the transcript that follows along I think you will see where I come from.


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wow christina that is awlful just finished reading it and it just makes me sick to my stomach these days, geesh who can you trust. If you can't trust your local police dept heck who is left the criminals?
just makes me sick to see this society how it is getting so corrupt especially where you may least expect it.