Shit talking.



This is something that everyone does in every sport, either out loud or under your breth you talk shit. Some people I know can make a living off of this. I want to know the best shit you slung or have had slung at you and what not.

Ill get it started:
Your secrete identity is safe with me… pussy man.


One time after a heated round of Halo on Xbox live I told the members of the other team I was driving down there to rape their mothers.

I know now this behavior is looked down upon.


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I do it all the time. Why this year in basketball I was going to shoot over a guy 6'6 and I cashed it right in his face and he was like "Fluke" and I said "Yeah thats why it was all day , Go get some skills fat a$$"


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Well, when playing cricket, rude words are always exchanged either from a bolwer to batter or batter to the keeper and bowler.

When i get someone out, I point the finger to the pavillion and say "Fuck off, you've wasted my time here, walk back where you come from"

And when I am batting, i do commetary. Like "wow, that's the fastest ball I've ever seen"


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Shit talking is in all major sports because sports is like famous for it and were never going to abandon it. It's here to stay so to speak. No matter what your sport there is going to be trash talk from people.


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LOL after playing Halo 2 on live for roughly 2 and half years where almost everyone talks shit its hard to not give in to the urge every now and then. I usually dont say anything unless the opponent really pisses me off and that takes alot.

Anyways somethings Ive said...

After loosing to some twelve-year old boy that sounded like a girl I told him "to come back and talk to me when his balls drop"

"Your mother doesnt love you she just has your around for the child support checks."

"Are you guys finished flossing with our shoelaces? Cuz we kicked your fucking asses"


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Shit talking has to be one of the best parts of any kind of rec. activity. I do most of my shit throwing in baseball and Halo 2. I learned how to play with some sick people, so I've obviously walked in their footsteps. Ex. A good ol' "I'm gonna rape you" or "Get on your knees" usually works.

Baseball is a whole new ballgame, you can actually see the people. And if you're good at it, you can even get a few good jabs in at the umpire.