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Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by iggyshotthebear, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. iggyshotthebear

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    Does anyone know how to use PayPal to print a shipping label that was NOT for an auction? Can it be done?


    Does anyone know of a site that I can print a shipping label for a Parcel Post box ( doesnt allow you to print Parcel Post labels from what I can see) ?

    Ok I found and right now they are having a risk free trial deal for 4 weeks. Lotsa perks that you get to keep even if you cancel... postage scale, 25 in 'free' shipping and can't remember the rest but hey its worth it ;)
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  2. NewGamePlus

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    *interrupts her* :D

    And speaking of printing labels.....

    ---- NEW ISSUE ----

    Does anyone know how to AVOID printing shipping labels after the auction? Apparently everytime payment is sent to me after an auction, the only "action" that is available in the action column on the myebay page is "Print Shipping Label". But I don't want to do that. I just want to write the address on the box, leave feedback, and be done with it. I hate being redirected to PayPal where I think they charge you a fee for the label printing. I'm not into that. How do I avoid it and mark the item as shipped without the label?
  3. Julie

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    On the part where it says "Print Shipping Label", there should be an arrow down tab on there. This should open up a menu of actions to do with the auction (such as marking it as shipped). OR you can just click on the auction & at the top "Mark As Shipped" should be one of the choices.

    BTW, if you print Priority labels there is no charge for those. Same goes for Airmail Parcel & Global Priority for International. Also no charge for UPS.

    The only time PayPal charges you to print labels is if you are shipping First Class, Media Mail, or Parcel Post. And it's only like $0.13 which to me is definitely worth it to be able to print the label, slap it on the package, & send it out the door for the postman vs. standing in the long line at the post office. Plus with printing them on PayPal you get delivery confirmation with every label. This way you can track when your buyer got their item.
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  4. NewGamePlus

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    Oh ok. Thanks for the fully informative answer. That was pretty well hidden. I looked at that dropdown icon and didn't think twice about it because it looks like a checkmark.

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