Sheffield Calls Former Agent A "Bad Person"


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AP - Gary Sheffield called his former agent a “bad person” and said Scott Boras is trying to get money he doesn’t deserve, as reported by the Associated Press.

The dispute stems from the $39M, three-year contract he signed in 2003 with the Yankees.

Sheffield declined to comment on the specifics of the grievance Thursday, but said he represented himself when the Yankees’ deal was done. Boras has said Sheffield agreed to let him represent the outfielder when his contract with Atlanta ran out.
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I really interested in this story, a lot of baseball analyst have said that Boras is a money hungry sports agent, and doesn't treat his players with respect, and even screws them. Can't wait to see this story develop.


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A-Rod gave him a big public "screw you" when Boras talked him into going free agent for more money and he ended up taking care of the contract himself.