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TV Sheen Ratings Went Higher


Registered Member
ShowBiz Tonight reported that the show starring Charlie Sheen.....what is it??
Three and 1/2 Men??
I am not sure of the title..anyway, it had the highest ratings when it last aired.
It went up about 7%......so evidently people like the show, and don't give a crap about what Charlie has done on his personal time.
Anyone ever seen the show??
I don't believe I have ever watched it.


What he has done on his personal time has definitely helped the show's ratings. I like it, I wouldn't say it's my favorite, but it's definitely good for some laughs.


Registered Member
As of tonight's news....the porn star that was supposedly with Charlie Sheen on the night he went berzerko.....is planning on suing him, because she said she feared for her life~
Telling the news panel, that she saw Sheen reach for "something"...a letter opener maybe (she said)...and so she was afraid he was going to kill her.
So she ran to the bathroom (fearing for her life now) and she calls..her girlfriend!...not the coppers, but her friend.
Ok.....serious eye roll here.....here she is, a porn star, admits she was paid $3500 that night to go to the dinner with Sheen.....and then he attacked her~
Most news lawyers say she doesn't stand a chance in hell of getting anything from him.
I think she is just out for the money.
Fucking stupid bitch, as if she doesn't make enough money as it is.
I just don't buy her whole story~