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Shaun White


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
The guy is un-human. He scored a 95.75 in his first run, then he took it easy in his second run because he knew his first score was good enough to bring him in the finals.

Unless he fucks up big time(which is highly unlikely) he's going to win another gold medal in the half pipe.


New Member
HUGE UPSET!! Crazy. He didn't medal. I can't believe it. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end of Shaun White's dominating years??


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I get I shouldn't have started this topic.

None the less, I am absolutely shocked that he didn't even win a medal. He had a great first run when he finished with a 95.75 which no one surpassed in the whole event, but he didn't bring it in his last two.

It's a shame. I really wanted him to three-peat. I wonder if he now regrets bowing out of the other event.


Registered Member

Karma has bitten the head off of the dragon.

Shaun White is now taking time off from snowboarding to tour with his band.

If he didn't bow out of the other competition I might have liked to see him three-peat. I do believe one Canadian did the slopestyle with cracked ribs? I know a female Canadian did the slopestyle snowboard with a broken arm.
Probably Kaya Turski...I know she was injured prior to the event but I don't know if it's her arm or something else.

With that said, every time the US will fail because of their cockyness, that'll bring a huge smile on my face.


The return shall be legenday!
Not only are fans happy about this fourth place finish, but apparently other snowboarders feel the same. According to analyst/reporters that follow the sport, he never communicates with fellow snowboarders as he's a huge A-Hole. I'm semi-disappointed as he's not a jerk with me and he's the best in the world.
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