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Movies "Shaun of the Dead" Review


Problematic Shitlord
Starring: Simon Pegg
Kate Ashfield
Nick Frost
Rating: *****/*****
Grade: A-mazing
Recommendation: Buy it . . . now, stop reading, go buy it!
Directed by: Edgar Wright
Genre: Rozombedy (Romantic zombie comedy)
Year: 2004

"An absolute blast!" - George Romero, director, Dawn of the Dead
"The most entertaining film I've seen all year." - Peter Jackson, producer/director of the Lord of the Rings trilogy
"Keeps the blood and the laughs gushing." Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

I'm taking the time out today to review one of my favorite movies of all time, Shaun of the Dead. The movie is about 50% comedy, 25% romance, and 25% horror so it is a very healthy and nutritious mix of movie gold. The story's protagonist is a "lovable loser" named Shaun who finds himself in the middle of a zombie crisis in Britain. Hilarity ensues!

- Zombies
- Zombies getting killed
- Superb acting
- Great humor and jokes
- Presentation is solid
- Not many special effects needed

- Musical score could have been a bit stronger
- Not for the squeamish
- Fairly low budget
- No explanation of the zombies

Starting off with the positives, the movie is simply put as amazing. The acting is great and funny. Simon Pegg delivers a great character in Shaun, the appliance store salesman who can't seem to get his hectic life together. Teamed with his slob of a roommate Ed (Nick Frost), they traverse their city in search of safe haven from the slow moving undead (with surprisingly good acting by the extras, kudos to the zombies!). The humor is fresh and old school at the same time while poking fun at zombie movies. There are also a lot of undertones about everyday life and how people are already zombies, a possible reason why Shaun doesn't realize anything's wrong for quite some time.

The movie also did not need very many special effects to get the points and scenes across smoothly. It was dark and funny throughout the whole film and needed very little in the way of computer graphics (I believe there were only two or three instances, mostly gunshots).

However, the plot wasn't very well played in terms of explaining the zombies, which can be a bit upsetting. It's also a zombie movie, so the weak of heart should stay away as there are a few scenes of gore and blood (one particularly nasty one at the end). The musical score, while satisfying, could have been a bit stronger.

But the pros heavily outweigh the cons as this movie is just plain brilliant. It takes all the zombie movie concepts and politely butchers them to make a beautiful fusion of horror and comedy. If you've ever been a fan of horror movies, you simply NEED to see this. It is a must see for anyone who has ever laughed in their lives.


Ms. Malone
I've seen and HAVE Shaun of the Dead. Let's face it, it kicks ass! It's seriously funny from the begining and just kept getting funnier with each scene!

But i have to agree the music sucks, it could have done with somethng a little more upbeat.


This movie is just great. It had me laughing the whole time. The music completely sucked and i like how they shot it.



Registered Member
I loved the movie i have seen it more then 10 times! It's an awesome movie. I love the part when they are in the bar and the music is playing and they are hitting the old man with pool sticks LOL. <D


Thats My Favorite Part LOL This Movie Is Just Great!.


Forum Drifter
Yes! This movie has me rolling everytime I see it. I thought the music fit it pretty good though. The whole movie is "different" and I love it. Bill Nighy is one of my favorite actors.
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