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Sharks sign Thornton and Marleau


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Thoughts on this? They are locking some guys in longish term

The San Jose Sharks have agreed to a three-year, $20.25 million extension with Joe Thornton.

Like Patrick Marleau, Thornton almost certainly left some money on the table. Thornton will turn 35 years old before this contract kicks in, but he's also a player taking a slight pay cut despite the fact that he has 53 points in 50 games this season. With Marleau and Thornton taking hometown discounts, the Sharks now have 18 players under contract for just under $60 million in cap room for the 2014-15 campaign. With the cap projected to be $71.1 million, that gives the Sharks plenty of breathing room to continue to tweak and improve their team.
Patrick Marleau has agreed to a three-year, $19.98 million extension with the San Jose Sharks.

Marleau is actually taking a bit of a pay cut despite the fact that the salary cap is skyrocketing and he's still performing at an elite level. Still, the Sharks were probably reluctant to give him a three-year extension given that he'll be 35 by the time the new deal kicks in, so the lifelong Sharks player probably agreed to take less to accommodate that. It also certainly helps ensure that the Sharks will field a competitive team as Marleau continues to fight for his first Stanley Cup.


Best. News. Ever. Well, at least for a Sharks' fan. :lol:

I was actually a bit nervous that one or both of them might not be a Shark for very much longer. Glad that won't be an issue for a few more years. Now if they could just win the damn cup or hell, make it to the finals. Haha.


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For Sharks fans this will go over very well, not too big on contracts, big enough money to keep the players happy, yeah this is a win for San Jose


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Should have waited... see how the playoffs pan out. If the Sharks lose in the first round, I really think they need to change up their core.


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Fair deals - 3 years is good, I wouldn't give either guy a 7 year deal. And while I'm not a huge fan of no trade clauses, these 2 have shown enough loyalty to their team to deserve them.


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The 7-12 year deals in any sport worry me, especially when they seem to be thrown out left and right. As stated before 3 years each are fair deals, good money and no trade clauses could help net some better return players while sending said player to the team of their choice should it come to that