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Discuss Sharing personal information


Sally Twit
Do you share information about your relationship with friends?
I know people love to have a gossip and share little things.. But how much is too much? Also, if you're the listener, do you feel uncomfortable hearing about it or do you enjoy it?

I share some things with my close friends and I obviously talk about my relationship on the forum sometimes, but I still believe there are some things which should remain private. It's as though some people want to boast about different things and I don't think that's right.
One friend of mine tells me pretty much everything. She'll tell me when they had sex, how long it lasted, etc. It's like woah! Calm down there.
I mean I have told people things like that before but she will sometimes text or ring just to tell me that lol.


still nobody's bitch
I only share what I think people will want to hear, and only with my closest friends.

Please tell me if I ever over-share.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I am a pretty private guy so I don't tell too many specifics. Never have in the past and don't see myself sharing too much in the future either.

I dunno, some things are okay to talk about but some things are off limits. I wouldn't want to say something to someone that she didn't want me to share. So if there's any question I usually just keep quiet.


Sally Twit
You never over share, Di. Besides, I am usually bugging you for the details haha. I think for me it depends on my relationship with the person. With Di for example we talk every day about anything and everything. The girl I was using as an example only ever talks to me when she wants to gossip about sex.


wow Bliss, your girlfriend sounds obsessed with over-sharing things haha.

Well...me and my close girlfriends talk about their relationships most of the time. They like sharing and I like hearing. I'm a good listener I have to say and I'm ready to know everything they want to share.
On the other hand, I've noticed I don't share much about my private life... even about my crushes in the past I haven't talked too much to them. Maybe I don't talk about things unless I feel they are important to say.

Also, I have a guy friend [I've talked about him in the past here] he tells me every single thing about his relationship, even details about sex with his (ex) girlfriend(s)...up to the point that it gets disgusting to be honest.
I like it that he shares with me that stuff but there should be a limit to that as well.


Registered Member
I have a friend who means well. However, it's a bad idea for me to talk to him about girls since he'll start in about how it's immoral to fool around with a female before marriage.


It's not me, it's you.
I'll share a few things. I don't usually share sex related talk, unless they are a very close friend of mine, and they share the same things with me.

If I am unhappy in a relationship, I tend to talk a lot, which can be very bad...especially if we end up reconciling, because my friends then dislike him because I've said all the bad things about him and not the bad about myself.


Son of Liberty
I'm a pretty private person so I don't share very much about anything really but especially about my relationships.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I share with my girlfriends and gay friends and guy friends. They're close enough and tell me the same stuff. So it's just an exchange. My divulge about the same level they divulge. There are some though who aren't close to me and give me details or fish for questions so I just nod a go ahead one and let the person talk but I won't respond in same details.


No Custom Title Exists
I only share things that I believe are not as personal so that's fine, I never go in details of my sexual life anymore, I don't even mention that we did the activity, it's disrespectful to the woman if someone mentions that they had sex. Especially if they are your long term partner.