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Photos Share Your Desktop!


Problematic Shitlord
Let's see that cluttered mess of yours! Take a screenshot of your desktop and post it here! The old thread is just that, old. As in, ancient. Let's see some shiny new setups!



REALLY messy right now. I need to do a major computer cleanup.

EDIT: Why isn't the image loading, I used the
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Registered Member
Mine! :)

Which also seems not to want to load an image, but click through and it's there. I also get my tooltips and system menus in old-timey typewriter font and my cursors are variations on the theme of old clockworky steamy mechanical things...

ETA: I figured out attachments instead. I'm so accomplished. ;P But since it's kinda small, here's a bigger version for the curious.


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Nice thread.

Here's mine. I put this picture of me and my friends while we were celebrating Christmas. I haven't changed it eversince lol.
I like it. It's a good memory!



Problematic Shitlord
You would have a photo of yourself, SmellyDishes. So self absorbed :lol:

I was going to post a picture of my desktop, but it's a bit . . minimal. I have my taskbar set to autohide and I use RocketDock to hide my icons up top so yeah, nothing shows up until I want it to!



Sally Twit
I just have the standard Windows background. I have never seen the point in having an image there because I never see it. The second I switch on my laptop I open Firefox. The only time I look at my desktop is when I am shutting down.


AKA Ass-Bandit
Here's mine. Not really sure why I have anything other than the Recycle Bin on the desktop, as I access them through the Start Menu instead; in fact, I don't really use the Recycle Bin either, as I automatically permanently delete all my files by pressing shift + delete.

*EDIT* Odd, the tag seems to be disabled. Ah well, have this.
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aka ginger warlock
My laptop desktop:


I tend to keep my laptop more minimal than my desktop as I barely keep anything on it for ease of use and less memory usage.