Shaq to the Celtics for 2 years


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Shaq should just retire, in my opinion. He's not a dominant player anymore, and he hasn't really had a good season since he won a championship with the Heat. I don't see what this does for the Celtics either. An aging team just got a lot older.


A Darker Knight
yeah Shaq's just been meh these past couple of years. Maybe he just needs to find his niche. and you know the NBA executives were just dying to have the Celtics Big 3 play the Heat Big 3 on opening day so espn can cream their pants for the next week or two overanalyzing the opening game of the season. I can just imagine it now...


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You guys should check the off-season thread before creating a new thread. We've already mentioned it in there.

None the less, Shaq will be a player that will give you valuable minutes coming off the bench. I doubt that he'll be starting, Jermaine O'neal will probably get the nod till Perkins comes back from his injury. If healthy Shaq can be a valuable piece to the puzzle for this team.
Celts will be unbeatable in the Playoffs. Shaq together with Garnett will be an impossible force to beat. Good luck to the Heat. I hope they come up short.