Shaq Injured In Heat's Preseason Loss To Bobcats


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Miami Herald -
Heat center Shaquille O'Neal left in the first quarter of the Heat's 92-76 loss to the Charlotte Bobcats , shortly after he sustained a left quadriceps contusion.

O'Neal immediately grabbed his hip and grimaced after a collision with Bobcats center Emeka Okafor just five minutes into the game.

O'Neal had attempted a hook shot in the lane. Okafor jumped to block the shot, but caught O'Neal with a knee.

O'Neal remained in the game for several minutes before he was replaced. He re-entered late in the first quarter but was noticeably limping and soon came out for good. He stayed in the locker room for the second half as the Heat was blown out for the third time in four games, dropping the team's preseason record to 0-4.

After the game, O'Neal said he didn't believe the injury was serious. He seemed more frustrated that he had another "freak injury" despite his wearing padded protection.

"The crazy thing about it is, I've got pads," O'Neal said. "I've got knee pads. I've got quad pads. I've got shin pads. And the place it's not padded, [Okafor] got me."


Aw, Here It Goes!
Well they're 0-3 and I can see why, no Wade now possibly no Shaq. Things arent looking too bright for Heat, I still wish they had a better off-season.