What shampoo do you use for your :

Hair ?

How many times a week do you wash your hair?
Do you think it's unhealthy to wash your hair everyday?


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Yeah so, apparently it's bad to wash your hair everyday. Washes away the natural oils in the hair or some shit.

So, I usually wash mine about every 2 days, sometimes daily, sometimes every 3 days. Depends how greasy it is. And as for the shampoo I use, loreal something or other. My sister brings it home from her work.
I know a lot of people who wash their hair every day too. One of my friends that does this, if she leaves it more than a day then it gets greasy. I wouldn't be able to stand that since I usually wash it once every 3 days or maybe 2 depending on what I'm doing and it feels like such a chore. Sometimes I leave it longer, because it does generally take ages for it to start looking oily, luckily.

I like herbal essences but it's good to change it up once in a while.


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I have also heard that it is bad to wash your hair everyday because it strips your hair of the essentials oils that it needs or some shit like that. Also apparently if you wash your hair every single day it makes your hair more prone to grease if you leave it for one day, just Bex's friend.

I wash my hair every 2nd day and I don't have a set shampoo that I use all the time, I buy whatever I feel like whenever I need more, whatever looks good to be at the time.


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What shampoo do you use for your :

Hair ?

How many times a week do you wash your hair?
Do you think it's unhealthy to wash your hair everyday?
I use this one from Dove:

I don't use body shampoo, I use a soap bar. Dove cream bar.

I don't wash my hair daily, not because I think it's unhealthy but with long hair it's a pain in the arse to do the whole: shampoo, conditioner, drying, etc. And I'll run out of shampoo and conditioner so fast if I did it daily. :lol:


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I use Herbal Essences for my hair and I was it every 2 days. If I leave it any longer it starts looking greasy and I can't stand it.

I use shower gel on my body and I don't buy any particular brand for this. I just buy any that are on offer as my Herbal Essences is pretty expensive.

I think some people have to wash their hair every day and some people don't. I have heard it is bad to wash it every single day but someone with fine hair would probably have to.


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I use a shampoo and conditioner combo, I think its wash and go but I may be wrong, I tend to wash my hair every other day, much for the same reason as ysabel said, having long hair the whole washing drying thing takes an age.

There are times when I will wash it twice in a day, if I have been at work and gotten covered in brick dust or little fragments of plastic from drilling and what have you.

I use either normal soap or shower gel to wash with I have no real preferance as to what one it is.


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With the way my hair is I have to wash it every other day, 'cause it'll dry out my hair real bad. I use Tresemme (sp?). Its okay, but Pantene(sp?) is better.


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I wash mine everyday unless I'm sick then I just lay in my bed. I use Pantene Pro-V daily moisture brand. As for body wash I usually use the Avon moisture bar or a Dove bar forget which one. When I take a shower at the gym I usually use Bath & Body works most of the time sweet pea but I'll switch it up every now and then.