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Angel brought up a very good point. The penis/breast size threads are very shallow and I want to have a topic about how shallow people really are.

I totally get what she's saying about how big a penis is, what the color of their eyes are, how a female's curves go, or even little things like shaving shouldn't matter. And I agree. I believe the spirit of those threads is a little more light-hearted than that (which is why I replied), but I'd like to see what everyone else has to say.

Do you let physical things effect how you choose your partners? Do you think you should? How do you feel about people who do it? Random question to spark talking?


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I think it would depend on how picky the person is. It all comes down to the fact that we have more abilities to "shop around" and find someone you are most attracted too.

I don't jump into relationships with girls because some in the past have been a waist of time. I've found the more I wait to see what I like about a girl the more I'll know that I can see myself with her.

This may come from physical aspects but can you call that Shallowness?


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I will say I'm a little shallow, but if that person has an awesome personality and we connect really well, then how they appear physically won't bother me. Now I can't really answer this honestly yet as I don't know the full extent of the answer myself. Being as I haven't dated many people.


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I don't think i have high standards about looks and i usually go for personality anyway. There was a guy in college that i thought was pretty good looking and was a laugh but had an ego i couldn't stand.

I 'dated' a guy from texas once who i really clicked with, we had so much fun when we talked and he was good looking (on a scale of one to ten he was like...a fifteen!) in my eyes anyway but i loved him more for his personaily.


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I've dated plenty, and besides my first relationship, which was an obvious bad choice, I never choose solely based on appearance or size.

I won't deny though, that appearance is the first thing that catches my eye. But it's hard for their personality to catch my eye, unless I get to know them. Once I find out that drop-dead-gorgeous person is really a Mr. Hyde or a Harpy in disguise, I'm no longer interested.

My chemistry with the other person matters much more to me than anything else. If I don't like them, it doesn't matter what they look like on the outside. Besides, I never jump anyone's bones after first meeting them; I get to know them, spend a couple dates together, and then maybe. Even if it isn't a serious relationship.

Actually, I met my fiance when I was looking in another direction. He just awed me so much with his witticisms, and we got along so well, I just forgot all about the other person I was making eyes at. He isn't what anyone would necessarily call a knock-out, but I love him and he swept me off my feet from the moment he first spoke to me.


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If liking someone for their outer beauty makes you shallow, why is saying liking someone for their personality not shallow?


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I def have to be physically attracted to the person first, but after that first initial meeting personality becomes higher priority. I have met guys who were ok at first and became hotter after getting to know them, and also guys I thought were attractive till I learned there personalities didn't mess well with me at all, then I found them less attractive. I would never dump someone due to a physical feature.


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Do you let physical things effect how you choose your partners? Do you think you should? How do you feel about people who do it? Random question to spark talking?

Yes. There has to be a minimum physical attraction with a possible partner but I have no specific criteria (body size, height, etc.). It's an over all package. I look at you and you either look good or bad to me. But if physical beauty is the only thing you can offer, I don't think we'd get far. Good for one night, maybe. :lol: Good personality fit trumps physical attraction for long term relationship.


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I'm not going to lie, physical attraction is the first thing I notice in a woman, it always has been. Yet physical attraction can burn out quickly if theres no substance to back it up.

Like Izy said attractive people are great for one night of fun but that's all.

Physical beauty diminishes over time but inner beauty lasts a life time.
When I said the threads were shallow, I didn't mean that it's shallow to want to meet someone based on their physical appearance first. I meant that it seems silly to ask if size matters.
Noticing physical attributes and reacting to them is perfectly natural. We as human beings are attracted to beautiful things. But, if you fall for a person then take it to the next step and realize that the package is not all inclusive, are you really going to consider leaving that person based on size, or lack/excess thereof?