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Shadows (Age 13+ swearing and violence)


The Super Pimp of GF
Chapter 1 “Crash and Burnâ€Â
The sound of scraping metal was the last sound he heard before “it†happened. The darkness came swiftly and without warning. He could feel the blood flowing down his face as the medics pulled him out. The pain he felt was so intense that he could throw up but he didn’t. He looked wearily to the left and his entire left leg had come off and only a stub remained. The medics rushed him into a big ambulance with the other man. He wasn’t nearly as badly injured. The pain was getting more intense and the other man began to cry. The medic spoke to him calmly “What’s your name sir and can you tell me what happened?†The man said that his name was Daniel and the rest was masked by his sobbing. Now they were at the hospital and the medics pushed Daniel aside and rushed the man into the emergency room. They did all they could to help him and wiped away as much of the blood as they could. He was moved again but this time it was to a white room with a very comfy bed. He knew this was where he would spend the last moments of his life and that the doctors were just trying to make him comfortable in his last hours. His family came in with his girlfriend. They rushed to him and all of them began to sob simultaneously. Most of them backed off leaving his mother there. “Son I am so sorry for the accident… I don’t know what to say… the doctors said-“ She was cut off with a cough let out by her son “I know mom I am dying it’s no big mystery†he let out a half-laugh to try and ease her but it proved to only grieve her more.
His dad and sister walked up and stood with his mom they all kissed him and told him how much they loved him and then left the room and only his girlfriend in the room. She was balling as she approached him and took his hand. She rested her head on his stomach and continued to weep “I am going to miss you so much. You were the greatest and I don’t know what I will do without you. I love you so much.†He smiled at her and spoke in a clear voice “I love you more than you will ever know…†The doctors came into the room and took the girlfriend out leaving him alone in the room. His body was covered in sweat and dry blood. One of his crystal green eyes had been gouged out by the accident and most of his hair had been torn off. He lay in the med alone and he thought about everything he had ever done and what he wanted to do and he began to cry. Visions of his family, friends and girlfriend rushed through his mind and he began to whisper to himself that he didn’t want to die but he couldn’t let anyone know because they are already sad enough with him dying so he would keep his thoughts a secret.
Something moved out of the corner of his eye and he saw a man dressed in a black cloak that covered his face standing beside his bed. “So you are the one they have been talking about hmm…†He looked at the man in the cloak and the man moved closer to him “If you are talking about my family then you are right but who are you and I thought I wasn’t supposed to receive any guests.†The cloaked man laughed “You know so little but trust me all will become clear in due time… In due time.†The doctors walked in and he could see his family outside and in the back round was his girlfriend in tears. “I thought I wasn’t supposed to receive visitors†The doctors looked at him “You haven’t we had been at the door since your family left the room and nobody had entered or left the room.†All of the sudden all the machines were going crazy and the doctors began to panic and they slammed the door on his family and said that it was time for the last stretch. “Please tell Becky and my family that I love them very much…†With those words he died and all the machines went calm as his heart stopped for the last time.

Chapter 2 “Eulogyâ€Â
The time had come for the funeral and it was decided that his sister, Danielle, his mother, Robin, his father, David and his girlfriend Rebecca would all give a speech at the mass. His mother was the first person to step to the pulpit and holding back her tears she began to speak. “As all of you know my son was a kind boy with a great heart. He always wanted what was best for everyone and was always willing to help someone in need even if he got nothing in return. He used to get picked on and when he would come home crying my heart broke because I knew he just wanted to make friends but it was so hard because he was so advanced for his age. He never stopped working hard and he had a promising life ahead of him. He loved computers and was very talented with them. No matter how good he got he was always willing to help anyone who was having trouble. He was always my little boy I would take care of him when he was sick and we would always watch television together when he was younger. He didn’t deserve the fate that was handed to him. His suffering was immense and I know that he sucked it up for our sake. He held his true sorrow in so ours wouldn’t be as bad. He was so…..†with that she broke down in tears and was escorted off the pulpit.
His sister approached the pulpit next. She cleared her throat and began. “My brother and I always used to fight nonstop. In the end he would always apologize even if it was my fault for starting the fight. He may have been my younger brother but he always stood up for me if some guy was being rude to me. I remember this one time that I was walking through the park and some guy jumped me and was trying to rob me. Out of nowhere my brother drop kicked the guy and beat the shit out of him. He always did things like that for me and I love him so much. I think he was the best brother a sister could have and he had one of the strongest hearts a person could have.â€Â
Next up was his father who was on the verge of tears as he approached the pulpit and spoke. “To me a hero is a person that remains strong and willing to help people in the face of adversity. A hero never backs down when faced with darkness and takes the welfare of others before him self. So to me my son was a hero and a good one at that. He would falter but he would just get back up and try again. As my wife said he would keep his pain and anguish hidden to protect others. He didn’t care what the cost was he would do anything to help people. I remember when he was only four years old we were playing in the park and I asked him what he wanted to be and he said he wanted to be a firefighter and I asked why because he was always so into computers and he replied ‘because they are heroes’ after that I never looked at my son the same way again. He always wanted to be a hero and in my opinion he is.†He walked off and began to cry as he returned to his seat.
Finally was his girlfriend Rebecca who was already in tears but composed her self when she reached the pulpit. “We met when we were only 4 years old. I was playing in the park in the sandbox and some older kid walked up and kicked sand in my face. I began to cry and he walked up and punched the older kid in the face and ever since that day we were the best of friends. I will never forget the day he asked me to go out with him. It was at the carnival during the summer and he took me to the sandbox where we had first met and he sat me down and asked if I would be his girlfriend. As began to cry and I hugged him tight and said of course. He was always my knight in shining armor and I began to believe he was invincible. Every time someone got on my case or tried to hurt me he would stick up for me. He always told me how much he loved me and how when we got older we could get married. I thought me had our whole lives together planned out but I could have never anticipated this. He always used to talk about the irony of people dying on their birthdays and I always told him it would be a jinx but I never thought I would be right. He was such a great person and he never deserved the fate that was dealt to him never…†She broke down again and walked off the pulpit. The funeral continued on until 5 o’clock when he was buried in the ground.

Chapter 3 “Investigationâ€Â
“Hey Officer Torres! I got the files on that car accident you wanted.†A tall lanky man handed a packet of documents over to a pudgy man who was sitting at his desk with a doughnut in his hand. “Thanks Lee I was looking for this.†Officer Torres opened up the packet and saw the gruesome photos. “The victim was an 18 year recent high school graduate he was driving to a birthday party his friends were throwing for him when the accident happened. This file doesn’t say anything about what caused the accident or what officer was originally assigned to the investigation.†Officer Lee walked over to him again “There wasn’t any assigned it was assumed it was just your average accident that was just a freak occurrence.†Torres stood up and walked out of the precinct. “I am going to find out what happened in that crash if it costs me my badge.†He got in his car and drove to city hall.
A lady was seated at the front desk she was an attractive young girl and she was talking to a friend on the phone and ignoring Officer Torres. The mayor walked out of his office and saw Torres standing there at the desk “Oh! Officer Torres how delightful to see you again! What can I do for you?†The mayor walked up and shook Torres’ hand. “I am looking for the traffic camera footage for 4:30pm on April 13 on Route 8 south do you have them stored here?†The mayor shook his head “No I am sorry we don’t have them here but if you go to the state police department you can find them.†He wrote something on a sheet of paper and handed it to Torres and the mayor walked away. The paper read “I hereby give permission to Officer Thomas Torres to access the camera footage for Route 8 South on April 13.â€Â
He drove to the state precinct and handed them the note. He was then lead to a room full of TV screens. He was handed a tape of the time periods he requested and was placed at a monitor. The scene on the camera was a very normal traffic day and nothing was out of the ordinary. Then exactly at 4:30 a tractor trailer pulled alongside what was identified as the victim’s car and then on the other side of the jersey barriers another tractor trailer appeared and they both at the same time tipped over and landed on his car crushing it instantly. Torres watched the tape over and over again until he noticed something very strange. There were no drivers in either of the tractor trailers that had fallen on his car. “Holy Shit!†Torres grabbed the tape and rushed into the main room of the precinct. “I found something very important out about the accident that was on April 13 can I talk to your commanding officer?†“Sure sir. Just wait a second…†The man at the front desk disappeared into the back. Out of nowhere a man in a black cloak appeared and tapped Torres on the shoulder and when Torres looked the man in the cloak punched him in the face. He dragged Torres out of the precinct and in the back alleyway he disappeared into a dark hole dragging Officer Torres behind him


OH gosh, this is violent... It's very scary, in my opinion. I don't get the picture of... Now that I mentioned it, I don't see the person's name anywhere. Anyways, this is still a great piece of literature since you added so much mystery. Great Job.


The Super Pimp of GF
Chapter 4 “Sightingâ€Â
During the summer after the accident Rebecca decided to have a party to remember her boyfriend and it would be a celebration of his life not a mourning of his death. Every one of her friends came and a grand time was being had by all. Rebecca began to get very sad remembering all the good times because she realized there would be no more good times with him and she had to go into her house to compose herself. She walked into the bathroom and splashed cold water on her face and when she looked up she saw a man in a black cloak with his face hidden behind her when she turned around there was nobody there. She began to panic and she ran around the house looking for the man but no a trace was found. Katie, who was a friend of Rebecca’s, came in and said that everyone wanted her to give a speech so she needed to come outside. Rebecca once again composed herself and followed Katie out. Her speech touched everyone and as she was about to close her speech she looked out in the crowd of her friends and saw the man in the black cloak and this time she could see that he was wearing black gloves and black shoes but a hood masked his face. She screamed out at him and everyone looked to were her eyes were focused but they all saw nothing. They all started to laugh thinking she was joking but it seemed like the figure disappeared as soon as it arrived.
After the night was over and everyone went home Rebecca was a wreck and she staggered into her bedroom, laid down and closed her eyes. When she opened them and looked around the room she saw the cloaked man leaning against her door and all she could sputter out was “who…what are you?†The man stared at her for a moment and a dark aura surrounded him and he disappeared into the darkness of the night. She was so scared she ran into her parent’s room and slept in their room. After that day she didn’t see the man for the rest of the summer.
High school had once again begun and Rebecca was off for college. She was going to attend Penn State. She was farther from home than she had ever been and it hurt her heart
to know her boyfriend wouldn’t be home when she got home. She started to hear rumors as the year progressed that there was a ghost haunting her old school and that several false lockdown drills have been initiated because children claim to see a man in the classroom or in the halls but nobody else sees them. Rebecca decided to research it more and as months went by she discovered that there was a link from all the sightings and the link was her boyfriend. Every person that sighted the “ghost man†was an old friend of his. In addition to that every place he appears is a classroom or place where he would often hang out. Something was very wrong but she could tell exactly what. She then heard a rumor that the officer that had been assigned to her boyfriend’s accident case had disappeared off the face of the earth and it had been several months since anyone had seen him or heard from him.
Rebecca felt like she was on to something but she had no clue what was actually going on. She had ghost sightings and the disappearance of a police officer all linked by her boyfriend’s death but what would he have to do with any of those things and if is his spirit trying to contact them why would he kidnap a policeman it didn’t make any sense whatsoever. One night she was up late trying to decipher the puzzle she found and her eyes began to get very heavy and they closed tight. They flashed open when she could feel someone was watching her and it was a man in a black cloak but this one’s body looked different than the one she had seen. He put his hand out and a spiked club appeared in his hand and he hit Rebecca on the back of the neck knocking her out instantly. He then dragged her into the darkness with him.

Chapter 5 “Reawakeningâ€Â
He began to struggle in the darkness “Where am I?†A man dressed in a black cloak walked out to him. “Welcome brother to our world†The man pointed at him and it seemed that not only was the man he was talking to was dressed in a black cloak but so was he. “From now on brother you shall be called Vincent.†Vincent stood up and looked at his body and he wore a black cloak that covered him from head to toe and he had black shoes and gloves on. Vincent went to take them off but the man stopped him “I recommend you wait before jumping into that. You see when you reveal yourself you wont be the same person that you were before. Do you even remember your true name?†Vincent shook his head. “You see when you died your heart was strong enough to survive in the darkness and you became like us, a being of the heart. You see everything about you is determined by the wishes of the heart you had in your previous life. Your physical appearance, basic skills and strength and your personality are all controlled by the wishes of your heart after you died. Some people become hideously grotesque because when they died their heart became confused and gave birth to a monster. So that cements that you mustn’t remove your cloak just yet.†The man walked Vincent into a white room that was blinding at first. “Let me introduce you to your brethren Lexius, Andreas, Lana, Virgil, Luke and I am Anon leader of the brotherhood of shadows. We are an ever growing group and whenever we find a poor soul like you we take them in and train them to be the best they can be and to harness their unique powers. You see every person like us has a unique trait that goes along with their form of birth: Lexius controls water, Andreas controls earth, Lana controls sound vibrations, Virgil has the ability to control fire, Luke controls light and I have the ability to absorb hearts to make myself stronger. Please relax I shall return shortly†Anon left and Vincent sat down and tried to take everything in that had just happened.
“So kid what’s your power?†asked Andreas. “I don’t know I didn’t know I had special powers.†Andreas pulled out his club and swung it at Vincent who instinctively summoned two swords and using one sword blocked the club and with the other drove the blade inches away from Andreas’ throat. “Well I guess we found his power. He can kick Andreas’ ass.†laughed Lexius. Everyone but Andreas and Vincent began to laugh hysterically and then they went back to their training and Lexius showed Vincent to the fight room where he could do fighting simulators.
Off in a distant room Anon sat watching over and over the events of the skirmish between Vincent and Andreas “So what is this boy’s power? He summoned to powerful swords out of instinct but that couldn’t be his power…†He paused the screen and zoomed in on the two swords that Vincent was wielding and he began to laugh uncontrollably “So that’s it… I guess that he is just the person that the brotherhood needs to achieve our goal… His power shall lead the way to getting what we want.†He snapped his fingers and Andreas who had removed his hood to reveal a pudgy man with long red brown hair and sharp hawk-like brown eyes walked out of a whole in the darkness. “What do you ask of me master?†Anon chuckled “Watch Vincent make sure he doesn’t give away our secret. Make sure that everyone who interferes with our plan is taken care of immediately. We must keep our goal a secret until we are ready to act.†With that Andreas disappeared into another dark vortex.

Chapter 6 “Confusionâ€Â
Vincent was a quick learner he mastered the warping ability within a day. At first it took him a while to grasp the concept of using his energy to summon a rift in the darkness but after he understood it the task was simple. His sword skills were improving more and more every day and it seemed like he would be the strongest one in the brotherhood of shadows. He began to develop magic and learned how to make himself completely invisible and how to make himself visible to only a few people or one person. Anon marveled at his rate of learning and said that more than likely he will become the second in command very soon. Vincent also learned how to put his energy into his blades to make them sharper and to extend the blades with his energy alone.
One night he went into his room sat on his bed and began to think about his past life. He couldn’t remember a thing but sometimes he would receive flashes of people and places that seemed familiar to him but he couldn’t say what they were. One person, a girl kept appearing in a wide number of the visions and Vincent could feel in the images that she felt something for him and he felt the same way towards her but he couldn’t interpret the emotions. He decided he would try and find out more about her and his life by traveling to the real world for the first time. When he appeared there he was scared when he saw her and he instantly made him self invisible. He listened to her speech about her boyfriend and his death but every time she said his name all Vincent heard was a blank space like the word was taken away from her and all the photos of her boyfriend were blacked out. More flashes came to Vincent and it was becoming more and more common. This time he saw a school and places in the school and classes. He visited them but the people there only panicked and ran from him. His confusion was starting to mount and he couldn’t take it any longer. He went to Anon and asked to have his memories scanned and wiped clean. Anon looked at him “You don’t have memories. All your memories were wiped out when you died whatever you see now is just an illusion so just ignore it.†Vincent wasn’t pleased with this development and decided he would do the opposite of what he planned and he would force the memories out by talking to the girl that was in his visions. When he got to her house he saw she wasn’t there and he saw her parents crying at the table and he over heard that she had gone missing and she hadn’t called or been seen in over 2 weeks. Vincent returned to the brotherhood base and went to his room to think things over.
In the master control room Anon sat at his consol biting his lip “Andreas come here.†Andreas appeared out of the shadows “Yes master?†Anon looked at him “Make sure that Vincent has minimal interaction with the real world and that your two prisoners don’t get to see him. All of the goings on about his death must remain a secret to Vincent. If you must kill the two prisoners then do so but make sure Vincent doesn’t find out the true nature of his death. On the off chance he does then our plans will go down the drain and we have worked too hard to lose it now. Leave me I must think.†Andreas disappeared and Anon was left alone again “He is growing powerful… what shall I do if he tries to rebel… If I keep his past a secret then he will never know and never have a reason to rebel and when he is ready to release his true power then the true plan shall come to fruition…â€Â


Amazing. Another cliffhanger. Very mysterious. Keep up the goood work.


The Super Pimp of GF
Chapter 7 “Missionâ€Â
Anon appeared out of the shadows behind Vincent who was training diligently in the fight room “So Vincent how are things going with your training?†Vincent finished off the opponent he was facing and caught his breath. “Things are fine. I am surprised you decided to come down here just to ask me that. Is there something more you want?†Anon laughed. “No getting anything past you. You are right I would like you to go on a mission for me. There should be no fighting involved but it has the potential to get violent. You see you shall infiltrate a rival of the brotherhood’s base and retrieve a powerful crystal that was stolen from us.†Vincent agreed and left the room to get prepared just as Andreas walked into the room. “So master you are going to trust him with such an important mission? You said it yourself that he has the potential to go rogue.†Anon removed his hood and revealed his face. He had long silver hair and yellow eyes with tan skin. He glared at Andreas maliciously “Don’t question me or you know your fate… Leave me now!†Andreas disappeared into the shadows.
Back in Vincent’s room he was getting ready to leave for his mission briefing and then he was leaving. Anon met him half way to the briefing room “Don’t worry about going to the briefing room for this mission I shall brief you on your way out. You see this mission is in the real world and you shall go to a base in Southern California. You must do this very cautiously because if you are caught and tortured they could find out our secrets which would be catastrophic. Vincent disappeared into the shadows and Anon was left alone in the hallway. “Fool he has no idea where he is going but this will be greatly beneficial for us…†He walked back down the hallway and disappeared into the shadows.
Minutes later Vincent was inside the enemy compound. There were soldiers everywhere but they were nothing like he expected. They appeared to be just normal people like the ones he had observed at the school. Using his ability to hide himself from sight he walked through the hallway until he reached a door that had 3 thumbprint scanners and a retinal scanner. He snapped his fingers and walked through the door easily. Inside the door was a crystal just like Anon had said. It glowed a red light and Vincent could sense that it possessed the power of darkness. He thought to himself that maybe Anon was telling the truth and this was an enemy compound because what normal humans would posses such a powerful item. He picked it up and alarms went off. The sound was piercing and not even a second later a fleet of robots came running into the room and pointed their weapons at Vincent. He slipped the stone into the inner pocket of his cloak and summoned his two swords. “Let’s play!†Within seconds the army of robots was reduced to a pile of scrap metal and Vincent made his way down the hallway not bothering to conceal himself because he was already found out. He either killed or brutally injured anyone that got in his way and he escaped the building and returned to the brotherhood’s home base.
“Excellent job Vincent. I heard that you made mince meat out of the guards.†Virgil said fervently. Lana chimed in “Anon will be very pleased with you. Who knows maybe he will give you a reward for it.†Vincent thanked them and left to go in his room. One major thing still troubled him. He had seen all his partners in the brotherhood’s real faces except his leader and he can tell that they are all special people but the people he encountered today were obviously not like him or they would have at least put up a fight. Something was wrong but he couldn’t figure out exactly what. Regardless he laid down on his bed and closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.
Chapter 8 “Dreamâ€Â
“Whoa where am I?!†Vincent looked around and checked out his body and he didn’t recognize himself. He wasn’t wearing his cloak and hood and the clothes he was wearing were bizarre. “What the hell?†He looked around and he soon realized that he was at the school that he had visited. He ran into the bathroom to look in the mirror to see what his face looked like and all he saw was a blur “What is going on? Who am I and why can’t I see my face?†He rushed into the hall and a man stopped him “Shouldn’t you be in class son?†The man pushed Vincent into a class room. It seemed very familiar but foreign at the same time. He sat down and the girl sitting next to him was the same girl that he had seen giving the speech and the one that had vanished. “Hey hun how are you?†She kissed him and Vincent felt like his heart was going to explode in his chest. Something felt very right about this dream but he couldn’t figure out why. It was nothing like the life he knows and even though he didn’t know who any of the people in the classroom were he felt like he did know them and belonged with them.
“What’s wrong ______ you seem like your nervous†Vincent shook his head but the thought that ran through his mind was “Why can’t I hear this person’s name. Is this some dead person trying to reach out to contact me or what? It can’t be my life because I am a warrior and I don’t even know who these people are.†He began to breathe harder and harder. He sat in the room and listened to the teacher speak and soon a bell rang loud and all the students filed out of the room “Hey __________ Happy Birthday!†Vincent walked out of the building and the girl who was sitting next to him in the class room walked him to a car that he gestured for him to get in. The both entered it and she directed him where to go to get to her house. The entire time she yelled at him for forgetting where she lived. When they got to her house she kissed him and went inside. Vincent decided to return to the only place that he recognized which was the school. On his way back he noticed that two tractor trailers pulled along side of him and one was on the opposite side of the jersey barriers which meant that the truck was going the wrong way and with out warning they both tipped over and came crashing down on the car. Vincent instantly woke up and his heart was jumping out of his chest. “What was that?! Some kind of vision or was it just a dream?â€Â
Vincent got out of bed and entered the hallway and as he wandered through the halls he heard two distinct voices coming from Anon’s room. He got closer and though the words were barely audible he could make out who the speakers were. It was Anon and Lana. They were discussing some kind of secret mission and they mentioned prisoners in the dungeon and how they couldn’t be let out under any circumstances because it would ruin everything. Then there was a lot of motion and Vincent ran silently to his room. He sat on his bed and began to think about the dream he had and the fact that he didn’t even know there was a dungeon and just what was the “everything†that Anon spoke about. All these questions were tearing him up inside. Outside his room he heard a girl speaking and he recognized the voice as being Lana’s. She knocked on Vincent’s door and after he gave her the okay she entered. “Is there something wrong Lana?†She shook her head “No I just couldn’t sleep†She sat down Vincent’s bed and removed her hood. She was very beautiful with bright long blonde hair and pale blue eyes. “So Vincent I have a question. Why haven’t you removed you hood yet? Nobody cares what you look like but with your strength I bet you’re handsome.†Vincent backed away as she advanced towards him “Please leave.†She looked hurt “Why I thought we were just getting to know each other.†“I know all there is to know about you. I am sorry to hurt your feelings but please leave I need to get some sleep.†She stood up and walked out of the room. Vincent stood near the door as it closed and heard Anon’s voice “Did it work?†then there was Lana’s voice “No I tried using my sound powers to hypnotize him but somehow he resisted and it didn’t even look like he strained to resist me…†Anon scoffed at what she said and then they parted ways. Vincent laid on his bed “What they hell is going on now?â€Â

Chapter 9 “Prisonersâ€Â
In the darkness Rebecca could vaguely make out the figure of a man who was a few feet away from her. He stood up “Welcome to the darkness†he said as he approached her and helped her off the ground. “What is your name girl?†“It’s Rebecca†He laughed “That name… You’re the girlfriend of that kid in the car accident! I am Officer Torres, I assigned myself to his case and apparently I found out more than I should and somehow I ended up here.†Rebecca was shocked “I was researching the recent appearances of a man dressed in a black cloak and hood and I found a connection between his appearances and my boyfriend’s life and one night a man in black appeared and he knocked me out and somehow I ended up here. What did you find out that forced them to take you here?†He chuckled to himself “You see I am not a hundred percent sure what I found out. You see I watched the security camera footage of your boyfriend’s accident and I saw that there were no drivers in either of the tractor trailers that fell on his car. I was so freaked out I went to tell the commissioner and some guy like you described appeared behind me and hit me on the back of the neck knocking me out. You see I think that the men in black have some connection to your boyfriend’s death and that’s why we were kidnapped.†Rebecca nodded her head in agreement “But still what would that organization want with him anyway? Why would they want his death to be such a secret it makes no sense at all!â€Â
A door creaked open and a man in a black cloak appeared before them “So I got the word from the boss and you two are going to be going bye bye. And I don’t mean that I am setting you free. You two have become too much of a liability to our cause and as a result you are to be terminated.†A giant spiked club appeared in his hand and he motioned that he was going to smash them but at that moment he stopped dead “Damn what does he want know I was just about to have my fun…†Torres walked towards Rebecca again “Well it looks like our days are numbered. When that guy gets back it’s going to be curtains for us. But no telling how long it will be before he---†At that moment the door opened but the footsteps seemed hushed this time. Torres spoke out “So you’ve come back here to finish us off eh?†The man in the cloak approached them and it was apparent to both of the prisoners that this wasn’t the same man at all. “You two are the prisoners hmmm….. Girl you look familiar…. Have I seen you somewhere before…? Wait! You were there in the dream! No way!†He disappeared in an instant. “What was that all about?†said Torres in a puzzled manner “I have no idea†replied Rebecca in an equally puzzled manner “But I think we should have know what was happeningâ€Â
The door opened again and this time it was obvious that it was the man who was going to kill them before. “So kids did you miss me? Well it looks like your execution has been put on rush delivery.†He slammed his club into the ground and two giant hands came out of the ground and grasped their entire bodies. “Well it looks like it is the end of the line for you two isn’t it?†As the air left Rebecca’s lungs she tried to utter out the name of her boyfriend but she didn’t have enough air to do it. She knew that this was the end for her and she would be with her love soon.