sexual harrassment?? or none of my business??


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I have a 17 y/o sister who I am very very close to. Its like living with my best friend, well she started seeing this guy that I work with, they met while she was waiting for me to get off work. The guy is 18. I've known the guy for about a year and well I knew the guy to not date much and kind of just linger with a girl here and a girl there. He wasn't much of a whore, so it would seem, he would date a girl for a couple of months and something would happen and they would split, nothing out of the ordinary... sis and he started to talk. they talk all of the time and well like I said my sis and I are really close, so she is really open to me and knows that she can trust me. This guy has started sending her pictures of his penis and continues to tell her how he wants to touch her and all this. Think the worst, and that is what he's writing... My sis trusts me so much that she showed me some of the text, cause I doubted he would say the things that she suggested. My sis is not really that used to so much open vulgarity and perversion, but since this she says she likes it. I don't know what to do. I want to cut his dick off and feed it to his left eye after I stab him with a broken broom and watch him cry out for mercy... I feel like she is only going to get hurt now and I have told her so, but she likes the sexual attention and refuses to heed my warning. Legally he is sexually harrassing a minor. I don't know... any advice? any cents to add to my knowledge fund??


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Really the only thing you can do is just give her advice. Tell her that the guy seems immature and is really only after one thing which seems obvious from the info you gave us. She's probably just a younger girl who this is new to, which is why it excites her, and I'm sure most girls, if not yourself was at once intrigued by this kind of behavior.

My best advice would to just point out the type of guy he is, and tell her that you have run into those types of guys before, and she should be careful because he will most likely hurt her. Other than that, you can't do much, besides give him a death stare at work. If you're thinking about involving the authorities, that will most likely really really embarass your sister.

And for the record, I sure hope neither he nor she has an account here, it could get pretty embarassing.


my bologna has a 1st name
she doesn't and thinks that my obsession with gf is silly, and how i quote people on here in rl and expect people to know who i'm talking that is not an issue....
I don't want to get the authorities involved, if i wanted i riot i could just tell dad...but i don't wanna lose what i have with my sis


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Me being.. well.. Me, I would approach him. I would take a stand to him and say I found my sister's phone.. I saw what you are sending her. You need to chill that out. If you like her then treat her like a lady and don't be a perv.. If you are looking for sex and just fun then you need to step away and take that crap else where because I am not going to let you hurt my sister by using her, and if you do we are going to have some problems.

She is at that age where it is hard because she is getting the attention she had been dying for in middle school and it is going to be hard to get her away from that. The best you can do as far as confronting her is really explaining what guys like that are about, and girls who take to this tend to have low confidence and really make her know she deserves much better.. and if you can find an example in your life of someone who had themselves hurt because of getting into guys like this.


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I'd worry too if it were my sister. But I'm not sure I can do so much aside from talking to her, warning her of the dangers and the way people get manipulated into liking something they don't, sex talk and all that. She'd probably be tired of hearing me lecture but I don't care. I want that out. Then in the end, it's ultimately her choice (and that she should be aware and her responsibility). I cannot force her to do nor not do things. I'll even manage to say, "I'm here when you need me" and hope for the best.


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what ysabel said. :nod: you really can't tell people what to do, just give her your thoughts on the matter and hope for the best, and be there if the worst happens.

it's tough for you being in the middle, but other than tell her that you're afraid he won't respect her (he already doesn't, clearly) there isn't a whole lot you can do.

for the record it does not constitute sexual harassment. it would if she worked there too and became uncomfortable with it.


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ugh... she irritates me so....

i talked to her and well apparently he said something to her about how I would prob try and talk her out of seeing him, well she blew and said that she couldn't believe that i would think that she would let herself get into a compromising situation... She continued to exclaim about how I was probably jealous and just wanted this guy to myself... so as some of you know, the fact that he is boy would clarify the fact that he is not my type... I guess i just have to let her make her own mistakes and let happen what will happen...

I am so angry....AAHAHAHAHAHH!!!!......