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Sex with her.....


New Member
Is good for me but not for her. We have been dating for 9 almost 10 months and we've had sex a handful of times. I was her first as she was mine so we were both new to it. As time went on we kept finding out that she's wasn't enjoying it and it was only hurting her. What could it be? We've tried different angles. We've made sure she was in the mood. We have lube and it still seems to hurt her. What are we doing wrong?


Sally Twit
Maybe you're putting it in the wrong hole. If you are sure you're doing it right and you don't have a donkey dick then maybe suggest she goes to see a doctor just in case.


Where is my Queen?
Maybe you are not careful with your stroke, make sure to you are not stroking her to fast, or your penis is to large for her.


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Every post from Bliss cracks me up.

She should see a doctor, very important. Could be her lips, labia majora or minora, are torn or injured.
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Living on the 0th floor
Damn I really don't want it to be a doctor thing, oh well I guess.
Since she is sexually active, she should be seeing a gynecologist regularly anyway, so it wouldn't be something bad for her to mention to her doctor.

Usually it is caused by vaginal dryness. Which I'm guessing she is young, so maybe focus on foreplay a bit more. Foreplay is super important, I can't stress that enough. Or apply lube liberally, but make sure it is waterbased like KY Jelly or something of the such as other kinds can actually cause her to dry out making it painful.

She could have a hormone imbalance, she could have some sort of scarring or cut, she could even have a urinary tract infection. There are so many things that can cause pain. If foreplay and lots of lube don't work, she should really mention it to the doctor, painful sex isn't normal.. and who wants to live with that for the rest of their life.


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i was always told that my regular gyno visit was to ensure that i didnt have any warts down there, EW i know!

definitely get her checked out, if there is annnnnything at all that i would go to the doctor for, it would be a problem with my vag only.


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I mean, if it has only been a handful of times, that's fairly normal. Almost every girl I know, it was painful for them the first few times. Including me. It gets better after a while. I know it's been 10 months ... but if you don't do it that often over 10 months, then I would say it's still pretty normal. Just make sure she goes and gets her paps etc when she needs to, and it will be fine. Nothing to stress about.

Butt ... that doesn't rule out there could be something wrong. That's just my take on it. If you want to be safe, just go to the doctor. For peace of mind.